Mavs + Cowboys Mourn Dallas Police Tragedy

Mavs + Cowboys Mourn Dallas Police Tragedy

Following the shooting after a peaceful "Black Lives Matter'' protest Thursday evening in downtown Dallas, Mavs and Cowboys took to social media to express their regret and sorrow for the senseless tragedy.


Quarterback Tony Romo  paid tribute to the fallen police officers, who displayed incomprehensible valor in laying down their lives.


The face of the Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki, expressed his sentiments, too, as did DFW's other top sporting names ...




Romo and longtime teammate Jason Witten actually met one of the slain officers, Patrick Zamarripa, once before. And to think they were impressed just with his three tours of combat duty in Iraq.


Little did Romo and Witten know Zamarripa had a final tale of courage left.


Sadly, in this tragedy, Zamarripa was not alone.


But in happier times, Patrick had his DFW sports joy. Our own Mike Fisher was part of that same Sept. 2015 get-together ...


As was Mavs coach Rick Carlisle ...


Defensive lineman Jack Crawford, a Londoner who has been with the Cowboys since 2014, expressed his sentiments that these attacks did not represent Dallas values.


The other Crawford on the defensive line, tackle Tyrone Crawford, was as stunned as the rest of North Texas as the tragedy unfolded.


This week has been especially rough on left guard Ron Leary, a Baton Rouge native who has spent his entire career since 2012 in Dallas.


Though never having played a meaningful down for the Cowboys, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott summarized the feelings of the nation in the aftermath of the tragedy.


And as Elliott prepares for training camp, the man whose mantle he'll also carry this fall, Emmitt Smith, will be praying for Dallas.


Certainly the Cowboys as a team and as individuals will do their part to help the city of Dallas and the rest of North Texas heal as a community. Mavs exec Donnie Nelson noted that all the sports franchises have "unique'' relationships with local police forces and would continue to "Back the Blue.''


And Mavs owner Mark Cuban expressed the overriding feeling ...



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