Mavs Donuts: All That Glitters Is Gold

Mavs Donuts: All That Glitters Is Gold - Including The Harrison Barnes Experience ...

DONUT 1: Real Basketball

It's coming, and I say that with all due respect to the Olympics. I didn't feel compelled to watch much of it, though I'm as American as apple pie. (And, I guess, busy as hell.)

But regular-season Dallas Mavericks basketball? That's the "real thing'' to me and to lots of MFFLs. That list includes our man Chuck Cooperstein, also a fine patriot but one who hungers for Mavs action.

So, the other day, Coop tweets, innocuously enough ...

The response (from more than a few Mavs followers)? Coop was assaulted about the head and shoulders with figurative whacks from angry/sad/snarky MFFLs.

Coop handled the naysayers more politely on Twitter than I often do at @FishSports (I'm trying to get better at avoiding the blatant attempts to lure me into meaningless jousting) but there is still a lesson buried in here somewhere.

You get you be any sort of fan you wish to be. It's your dollar. It's your TV. It's your radio. It's your time and it's your heart. But where is the fun in being the anti-Coop, in being so cynical as to determine the outcome (and entertainment value) of a season months before it is upon us?

You are allowed to be cynical, angry, sad and snarky. But it says so much about us, I think, when we choose these avenues rather than other justifiable ones. "It's a free country'' and all that. (See, I told you Coop and I are patriots!) But if you are choosing, well in advance of having to, to be cynical, angry, sad and snarky, how "free'' are you really allowing yourself to be?

DONUT 2: Season Sched

So, assuming you are actually into the 2016-17 season ... here's the Mavs schedule, and our view of the Most Watchable Moments.

DONUT 3: Preseason Tidbits

With the work of The DBcom 75-Member Staff, here's what we know so far of the Mavs' preseason schedule:

Oct. 1 at New Orleans (Bossier City)
Oct. 3 home Charlotte
Oct. 8 at Milwaukee

Oct. 11 home OKC

Oct. 14 at Phoenix
Oct. 19 home Houston

And more to come! 

DONUT 4: The Meaning of Gold

I know that some were put off by Carmelo Anthony's statement on how he'd be satisfied enough with three gold medals in the event he never wins an NBA title. And I know yet another quasi-controversy erupted when DeAndre Jordan said much the same thing, arguing that he valued a gold medal more than a ring.

Listen, I'm not a fan of either guy. They are the "bad guys'' to many in Mavs Nation. But they played for the "good guys'' here, and they won gold, and it's a cool accomplishment ... and in the moment, I get their thinking.

Isn't Melo right? If somehow he's never blessed with an NBA title, he will survive, right? And he will be left to cherish all the good, including the gold?

And isn't DeAndre's approach right, for the moment, because he said that while Team USA was still climbing the gold mountain and at that very time, shouldn't laser-focus on gold be his obsession? And someday, if Jordan nears an NBA title, and reverses his words about priorities, won't that be appropriate, too?

DONUT 5: Harrison's Part

As for Harrison Barnes' role? It is not at all limited in Dallas because it was limited in the Olympics. Somebody had to take a backseat when it came to playing time, and Barnes was in good company with Green and DeRozan. Are they "failed'' NBA players because they, like Barnes, played only a handful of minutes in the finals?

As it regards Barnes' future in Dallas, this needs to be thought of in a completely different way: This was a success for him, a worldly experience, a chance to grow (not just in games, but in practice, and not just as a player, but also as a person), a chance to be a better Mav.

It's too early to fully define what Harrison Barnes is for the Mavs. (Not that we haven't given it some reasonable stabs, as you can see here by perusing all our Mavs coverage in DBcom News Archives). So for now, why not just enjoy him enjoying himself as "Harrison Barnes, Gold Medalist''?

DONUT 6: Not Soothed Yet?

Fine. Calm yourself by watching all 74 of Dirk Nowitzki's One-Legged Euro Leanbacks from last season ...

Now really, cynic: You're not looking forward to 74 more of these?!

DONUT 7: 'Stranger Things'

I don't watch "Stranger Things.'' But it must be cool at some level, because it has the Parody Seal of Approval from the Mavs creative staff ...

Still doesn't tug at your anticipatory heart strings? Aw, to heck with you then.

DONUT 8: Angry Aussie

Andrew Bogut is slamming as ‘ridiculous’ the officiating in Australia’s bronze-medal loss to Spain. Once we get past his ire, as Mavs fans, I guarantee you we are going to appreciate his fire. 

DONUT 9: Texan Nation

We've all got chest-puffing Texas Pride. As proof? Here's where Texas would rank in Olympic medal count if it was its own country is a legit thing.

DONUT 10: New Digs

The Cowboys opened The Star, their new practice home and headquarters, on Sunday in Frisco, and my video tour here on demonstrates that the facility is both over-the-top in its audacity and under-the-radar in its attention to detail.

"I don't think I've seen anything like it," said quarterback Tony Romo as the team prepared for its first practice at the new digs.

But not to be outdone, Mavs owner Mark Cuban wants to show off, too ...

DONUT 11: Cuban, Too

Cuban writes, "The Mavs new practice facility ...

"Steel? Made in America.''

If you want to assume that's somehow yet another poke at a certain presidential candidate, go ahead. Assume.

DONUT 12: The Final Word

We note above that Andrew Bogut brings a special personality to the Dallas roster. Wesley Matthews, after one year under his belt here, thinks the same thing about himself.

I'm pretty sure Dallas is going to love me. I'm going to try to inflict my personality on this team as much as possible." - Matthews.


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