Locked On Mavs: Harrison Barnes Expectations And Comparing Dallas To Utah

Jazz play-by-play man David Locke joins us to compare Utah and Dallas and to evaluate Mavs newcomer Harrison Barnes ...

The Dallas Mavs are "the annoying older brother'' clinging to success. The Utah Jazz is a team that has built a young roster and is up-and-coming. A comparison of the two franchises featuring Utah play-by-play man David Locke and our guy Mike Marshall is here in the "Locked On Mavs'' daily podcast, which also features an evaluation of Mavs newcomer Harrison Barnes and his potential in "taking the reins'' from Dirk Nowitzki ...

Worth noting regarding Barnes' potential - maybe not to "take the reins'' but certainly to get respect from The UberMan:  Dirk is absolutely raving about Harrison's work ethic. He mentioned it on Wednesday here (in Mavs Donuts) and he did it again on Thursday as he talked about his charity tennis tournament.

The Thursday quote is actually pretty revealing: "A lot of guys come here, sign here or get traded here and they're telling me they're gym rats, but I haven't really seen many in my 18 years, but he's the one guy that walks the walk. He's there in the morning, we're working out with the guys, he goes back at night and he wants to get better."

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