Locked On Mavs Podcast: How To Lighten Dirk's Load

Today's 'Locked On Mavs' Podcast: How To Lighten Dirk's Load?

DallasBasketball.com presents the 'Locked On Mavs' Podcast, Mike Marshall and Jake Kemp  ... as we get ready for the start of training camp on Sept. 27, with the roster now 20 guys full ... but one guy standing above them all.

Dirk Nowitzki and his minutes are a constant focus both inside the Mavs organization and out. While Dallas has gotten younger this year, on purpose (see my 1-on-1 Mavs Premium visit here with Rick Carlisls for more on that subject, plus some), Dirk is still. ... Dirk.

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Carlisle tells Mavs.com that Dallas wants to "notch it down'' in terms of Dirk's minutes this year.

“We’ve got to try to notch it down a little bit,” Carlisle said. “You know, I’d say mid-20s. … It would be good to get him to 26 (minutes per game). You know, it’s tricky, because if you play him too few minutes, he’ll never get into the flow of the game. And he’s very much a rhythm-and-flow player, so I have no concerns that we won’t be able to continue the transition and just try to lighten the load a little bit. It’s a deep roster, and there’s a lot of talented guys. There’s a lot of guys that can score. Our shooting, I think, is better in a lot of areas, and so we’ll be fine there.”

But this is a familiar refrain, as Dallas has been talking about this concept for almost a half-decade now.

Two years ago, they really did nudge Dirk under 30. And so we had a mathematical solution!

But then last year, he vaulted back up to 31.5 minutes per game.

So how, for real, can this issue be addressed? Listen to "Locked on Mavs'' below!

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