Locked On Mavs: Seth's Shooting? 'It's In Curry's Blood'; Plus Dallas Team-Building

Locked On Mavs: Seth's Shooting? 'It's In Curry's Blood' Plus, Mavs Team-Building Parts 1 And 2

Our daily podcast "Locked On Mavs'' discusses ... Seth's Shooting. "I mean, he's a Curry. It's in his blood,'' said Wesley Matthews of Seth. And we've got plenty to say about that ...

If you watched Monday's preseason win over Charlotte, or if you reviewed the home-opening success here in Mavs Donuts, you by now know about the fine work of Seth Curry, who in two games for the 1-1 Mavs now has 32 points, eight rebounds and one turnover in 40 minutes and is 7-of-9 from three.

Above, our guys Mike Marshall and Jake Kemp discuss the "get'' of Curry while continuing their thoughts on "Mavs team building,'' a conversation that began with the below "Locked On Mavs'' podcast.

Check out both, and then pop into DB.com Boards and discuss Seth "going bananas,'' team building and the Mavs!


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