Monday Mavs Donuts: A Basket Of 'What-If's'

Monday Mavs Donuts: A Basket Of 'What-If's' (In Addition to the Usual Basket of Donuts!)

The Mavs need all the breaks they can get in order to be a playoff team -- and in Gordon Hayward's injury, they just got one.

Hayward is arguably Utah's best player and now he's on the shelf due to a broken finger. It could be a month or so for him, and in addition to head-to-head meetings -- Dallas and Utah play on Nov. 2 and on Dec. 16 -- Hayward's absence can have a big impact on the standings. 

Utah is good, and young, and deep. Rodney Hood might step right up as a go-to guy. But again, Dallas needs all the breaks it can get to compete in the rigorous West. And no Hayward is just that.

DONUT 11: Labor Peace?

Can this be real? Can it be this easy?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver confirmed a report regarding optimism of the NBA and NBPA agreeing on a new collective bargaining agreement within the next few weeks.

“In terms of our present bargaining discussions with the players, I’d say they’re going very well and there’s been a great sense and spirit of cooperation across the table and desire to move forward,” Silver said. “There’s a sense from both the owners and the union management that there is a lot at stake here and I think everyone’s feeling the pressure from all the constituents involved in this league for all the jobs that we provide that it’s incumbent upon us to work something out and get a deal done.”

The NBA's current CBA was forged in 2011 and was a 10-year deal but included an opt-out clause for either party after five years. The health of the NBA -- as Rick Carlisle discusses with me here in Mavs Premium -- is such that there is less reason than ever to kill the golden goose.

Good for Silver. Good for all of us.


DONUT 12: The Final Word


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