Thursday Mavs Donuts: Why You Gotta Love Harrison Barnes

Thursday Mavs Donuts: Why You Gotta Love Harrison Barnes (If You Remember The Chandler Parsons 'Abspocalypse')

DONUT 11: 

Carlisle traditionally declines to offer minute-by-minute updates on players' health. So his remark to the media this week on this policy would not be so notable except for Cowboys coach Jason Garrett's terse meetings with the media lately, maybe topped by RedBall's odd decision to release Dez Bryant injury info to the Bay Area media last week rather than the DFW media.

Said Rick:

"Look, I'm not gonna tell you guys. I don't want a bunch of tweeting when guys are playing and stuff like that. That's not what this is about. Don't worry, no one will get burned on anything. I'll announce it all at once, like I always do. I'm not interested in screwing you guys. But that's not the story, who was playing when. The story is, guys are working hard and making daily improvement."

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Rick isn't taking a shot at RedBall; the coaches are friendly. No, when it comes to Carlisle's dealings with the media, one should always assume his playful pokes are meant ... for the media.

DONUT 12: The Final Word

"This week in practice we’ll see how it responds. To be honest, I feel good on the court, but we’ll see how the foot progresses. But so far, so good. … I’m still working, but it’s getting better.” - Devin Harris.


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