Is Andrew Bogut The Long-Term Mavs Answer At Center?

Is Andrew Bogut The Long-Term Mavs Answer At Center? presents the'Locked On Mavs' Podcast, Mike Marshall and Jake Kemp  ... as Andrew Bogut continues to earn rave reviews from his new team ... and as Bogut raves about being in DFW. 

“From what I’ve seen so far I love it,” Bogut tells “It’s much more suited to me as a person. I like California. But Texas, just the people here and the mentality’s a little slower probably than California with the every-day helter-skelter life. Whereas here it’s a little bit different culturally, in a good way. I wouldn’t say California or Texas is better. For myself, it feels like just a cool city. I like it. There’s a lot of good places to go. I didn’t realize how big the Dallas-Fort Worth area is. There’s a lot to do here, a lot of good restaurants and good cafes, a lot of nice people.

“When I first got here I couldn’t believe how nice the people were.''

Meanwhile, Dirk Nowitzki thinks he's a wonderful teammate and coach Rick Carlisle thinks he's "unique'' and is talking about him as if he can have a Walton/Sabonis-like impact here.

So why leave this thing at the present one-year, $11-mil contract? Well, Bogut - acquired in trade from Golden State in exchange for air -- will be 32 in November ... and there is always the issue of Summer of 2017 "dry powder.'' ... But the guys wonder ...

Is Andrew Bogut The Long-Term Mavs Answer At Center?

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