'The Mavs Will Lose Every Game Until ...'

The 'Locked On Mavs' podcast thesis: 'The Dallas Mavericks will lose every game until ...'

DallasBasketball.com presents the 'Locked On Mavs' Podcast, in which Mike Marshall  man Mike Marshall is a tad frustrated by the 0-3 start. And he's pinpointing some problems and making some forecasts.

The thesis: "The Dallas Mavericks will lose every game until ...''

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*Dirk Nowitzki participates fully (he was absent from the consecutive losses to Houston due to an illness and Achilles soreness).

 *Wesley Matthews (finally good offensively in Game 3) contributes at an average level on a nightly basis.

 *Dallas quits giving away five to 10 "free points'' in every first quarter.

Ah, the first-quarter bugaboos. Marshall offers up some "fun" (sarcasm alert) Mavs first-quarter numbers: Dallas owns a -119 defensive rating, a net rating of -23.6 overall, is allowing 30 points per and is allowing 55-perfect shooting from 3 on an average of seven attempts ... yeah, all in the first quarter.

The Mavs took off Monday and are back to work today at the new facility ... and first, maybe they need to fix the first.

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