Locked On Mavs Podcast: Myles And A Problem With Pace

Locked on Mavs raves about Myles Turner and wonders what happened to Dallas in terms of Game 1 pace.

We've got the Mavs' Game 1 loss at Indy chronicled here in our game story and here in Mavs Donuts ... and we come away with something predictable and something not so predictable.

The brilliance of Myles Turner, the DFW kid who dominated in Game 1 for the Pacers, was not supposed to happen quite this fast ... was it?

OK, but even if it did, Dallas is the master of controlling ... well, not controlling the Myles Turners of the NBA, exactly ... but a master of controlling pace. From Indy coach Nate McMillan before the Wednesday tip:

“It’s a challenge every night for you to establish your tempo. (The Mavs) are a team that runs their sets and plays late in the shot clock. They’re a very experienced group. They know how to win and they normally execute. A halfcourt team.”

The Mavericks are that halfcourt team and that's no insult. But they are also a team that wants to use that halfcourt mindset and that clock control to keep opponents from scoring, oh, say, 130 points. That didn't happen here ... and we kick it around inside Locked On Mavs ... while also getting you prepped for tonight's visit from the Rockets here on DB.com Boards ...

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