'Locked On Mavs' Podcast on Harrison Barnes And 'Things We Think We Know'

'Locked On Mavs' Podcast on Harrison Barnes And 'Things We Think We Know'

The Dallas Mavericks are 2-6, with some hope of a Dirk Nowitzki return (Steiny-Mo reports that he's returned to the practice floor and coach Rick Carlisle reports that he's improving even as he missed Friday's practice for personal reasons) -- even as I'm pondering Dirk's "Point of No Return'' -- there are positives to be discussed. Harrison Barnes, who has some "elite'' numbers so far, as we discuss inside this "Locked On Mavs'' podcast, is a bright spot.

Now, is Barnes' work sustainable? Is is a true building block? We use his last couple of weeks, including Dallas' losing visit to the Golden State Warriors, as a jump-off point ... part of our "Things We Think We Know'' as we are one-tenth of the way into the season, in which we also touch on the idea of a future for Wesley Matthews that includes amnesty.

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