Seth Curry In Mavs Warriors Trade? 'Zero Chance,' Mark Cuban Tells

Seth Curry As The Centerpiece In A Mavs And Warriors Trade Featuring David West? 'Zero Chance,' Mark Cuban Tells

We're big fans of NBA trade-deadline time, a time that includes the fun of guessing, speculating and forecasting. It's all part of the fun.

But we're even bigger fans of being able to run the many seemingly-random trade rumors through the knowledge the 75-Member Staff has regarding the legalities of the CBA, through the understanding we have of teams' and players' relationships with and opinions of one another, and best of all, through the access we have to Mavs and NBA decision-makers.

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Bleacher Report is "predicting'' that Golden State and the Dallas Mavericks will beat the Feb. 23 deadline by swapping Kevon Looney and David West for Seth Curry, who has been a solid find for the Mavs playing in the first year of his very affordable two-year contract.

We're fully prepared to analyze the concept with some level of seriousness, as the Bleacher Report includes takes from a group of reputable NBA reporters. But before we do that -- before we do the "legalities'' part and before we do the "relationships'' part -- let's do the "access'' part.

"They are wrong,'' Mavs owner Mark Cuban responds to us when we present to him the Looney/West-for-Curry "story,'' "There is zero chance that trade happens.''

It's odd that Bleacher Report bases its "prediction'' on the idea that Golden State would like to acquire a wing -- and admits Seth Curry doesn't really fit the profile. The story is certainly right in evaluating what Seth has done with Dallas, though. We reported in the summer that he was projected to take on the Charlie V role, a marksman specialist off the bench ... but Seth has been so much more than that.

He is a three-point threat (42 percent), he's been a part-time starter, and he works hard to fulfill whatever coach Rick Carlisle asks of him.

Bleacher Report notes that Curry could "provide a nice second-unit offensive boost. Plus ... the Warriors value high-character guys.''

But ... all of that is true of Curry in Dallas, too.

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Now, you don't want to fall so in love with your young rotation players on a 20-32 team that you close your mind to options. But David West? West, 36, is on the very short list of NBA player who rubs Dirk Nowitzki the wrong way. He makes less than $1 million, largely because at this point in his career, he's worth less than $1 million. Bleacher Report notes that West is "slated to be a free agent, so he's off the books soon.'' But this is a vet-minimum deal; there's no grand savings when his deal expires.

Looney, 21, was a late-first-round pick in 2015 who plays eight minutes per game for the Warriors. There might be some promise for the 6-9 youngster, but he's averaging less than three points and three rebounds so far this season. Bleacher Report itself notes his "lingering stamina issues related to last season's two hip surgeries'' ... so that would figure to temper some of his new team's enthusiasm. (In fairness, we've talked to scouts who truly do see promise in Looney.)

Even when using an on-the-record source like Cuban to help us analyze rumors (a resource we appreciate, obviously), it's worth noting that this is also "Step-Away-From-Your-Crackpipe'' time. Transparency can be tough to come by. (Though our track record over the course of 17 years here is very sound ... and we've addressed in-depth, and with Mavs guidance, the organizations thoughts on trading Andrew Bogut, Wesley Matthews and Deron Williams, and on trading for Hassan Whiteside, Ricky Rubio and others. Click here for all of that info.)

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In this case? Seth Curry makes just $3 million a year for the Mavs and is seen as a possible part of the future here. West is largely useless (four points and three rebounds per in 11 minutes) and maybe is worth less than that in a Dallas locker room. And Mark Cuban is essentially terming this "prediction'' as ridiculous.

So we send the trade-minded NBA world back to the Trade-Rumor Traffic drawing board ... and we'll continue to both keep our ears to the ground and run gossip through our staff and our contacts.

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