Tankeriffic! Mavs Signing Ex Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo For A Game

Tankeriffic! Mavs Signing Ex Cowboys QB Tony Romo For A Game

In what might be the most Tankeriffic roster move in NBA history, the Dallas Mavericks are signing retired Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to a 10-day contract that will put him on the Mavs roster for Tuesday’’s final home game of the season.

“True story,’’ a source tells me, confirming an ESPN report that will make Romo a “Mav For A Day.’’ “He’ll be in the layup line, on the bench, in uniform, everything.’’

Well, everything except actually “playing.’’ … though as the Mavs have finally accepted their fate as a lottery team and find themselves experimenting with non-starter lineups, heck, why not let Romo play in an official basketball game for the first time since he was a high school star back in Wisconsin?

The honorary roster spot is meant as a way of paying tribute to the long-time Dallas QB who is leaving football for a job with CBS. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has recently talked of looking to add "a pass-first point guard" … and he is serious about that, as it pertains to next year’s team. That’s where discussions about Jrue Holliday, Eric Bledsoe, Ricky Rubio and a point guard as a first-round pick center.

The Mavs’ talk maybe signing “a veteran street free agent point guard’’ for the final days of the season? We took the concept seriously enough to round up the usual suspects. That list, we figured, would be led by the likes of Jordan Farmar, Mario Chalmers and Kirk Hinrich. 

Heck, we even took the time to research and inquire about Jorge Guitierrez, once his season ends in Turkey tomorrow.

But instead of looking overseas, we simply needed to look to North Texas, Romo's home base, from which he's become a Mavs supporter and a friend to Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki and other Mavs folks.

There will still be a point guard pursuit for the future. But as it pertains to this year’s team? Come Tuesday, the Denver Nuggets will be in town, the ticket sales and the media attention will suddenly heat up, and the 32-47 Mavs can have some fun in an otherwise unsuccessful season.

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