StarCAST: Do Mavs Fans Have Game? Check Out EPLAY

StarCAST: Do Mavs Fans Have Game? Check Out EPLAY

On this very special edition of 'Cowboys STARCast,' Jamie Horton visits with Charles Gaines of Players Revolution Sports, LLC.  ... about the Dallas Mavericks and about YOUR game. Here's why:

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The (non-officially) retired Tony Romo recently showed off his superior athleticism as a "member" of the Dallas Mavericks.  Much to the dismay of many within the realm of the professional sporting arena, Romo's ceremonious membership with the Mark Cuban-led NBA franchise got rave reviews. Sure, Romo only got to showcase his hardwood ability during pre-game warmups, but he didn't look completely out of place.  In the end, it was 'much ado about nothing' ... except for the presence of Jason Garrett. (Fish's Premium piece on the Garrett-Romo "reunion'' is important stuff.)

There are many Tony Romo's around looking for high level athletic competition in a different arena. Charles Gaines and Players Revolution Sports, LLC tells us how we can all remain close to the games we love.  Even in a uniform.

"EPLAY will change adult sports forever,' proclaims Gaines ... click here for info on the project, which is affiliated with the Texas Legends of the NBA D-League ... and come inside and see how!

It's all right here on this edition of 'STARCast' ... and more links below! (Oh, and  to download the Cowboys Sports Radio app on your phone  go here for iOS/iPhone and Google Play/Android.

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