Dallas Mavs Player Review: Jarrod Uthoff - 'Ball Skills'

Dallas Mavs Player Review: Jarrod Uthoff - 'Ball Skills'

The Dallas Mavericks added Jarrod Uthoff to the roster late in the 2017 season, with the hopes of acquiring a young stretch forward that could add some firepower to the rotation. Before making his way to Dallas, Uthoff was an All-American at Iowa before going undrafted in the 2016 selection process -- he was among Dallas' considerations in the second round -- and had multiple stints in the D-League. 

“Look, it’s a lot of work getting called up in the NBA, and to get a second 10-day contact,'' Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said in March. "I compliment him. The fact that he got it with only one (NBA) game (under his belt) tells you that he’s done some good things here.”

After a second 10-day contract with the Mavs, a couple of interesting things happened.

One, the coaching staff of the Texas Legends gave him a chance to not only serve as a stretch-4, but to also play some small forward. A 6-9, 220-pound small forward with what one staffer tells DB.com is "definitely some promise just in terms of ball skills''? That makes Uthoff a little "different.''

Two, Uthoff inked a multi-year deal to remain with the team for the rest of the season of the 2017 season, and our understanding is that Dallas controls his rights for one more year (non-guaranteed). The financial commitment isn't great, but Dallas' need to fill out the back of the roster with affordable potential is.

“We’ll have the opportunity to look at him this summer and potentially make a further commitment,'' coach Rick Carlisle said. "So it’s a win-win. He’s skilled.''

As a Mav, Uthoff saw action in nine games, averaging 12.8 minutes of game time per contest. He also averaged 4.4 points and 2.6 boards, while shooting 42 percent from the field and 33.3 percent from three. His most extensive action came in a 124-111 loss to the Phoenix Suns, in which he scored 12 points and grabbed nine rebounds in 27 minutes, while shooting 66 percent from three. 

Uthoff, as evidenced by his All-American season with Iowa, brings some solid talent and shooting to the table for Dallas. He will have a chance to make even more of an impression this summer during the Mavs’ Summer League slate. ... maybe at multiple positions.

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“I don’t think you get stressed out about it, but I think it’s more of my first goal has been accomplished,” Uthoff recently told reporters. “I look at it that it’s a huge stepping stone, but I’m looking forward to the future.”

Overall Season Grade: C

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