49ers' Mike Singletary: I smell a rat

An Internet story suggesting the 49ers have communications problems involving offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye has coach Mike Singletary upset. He calls the source of the story "a rat."

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Mike Singletary smells a rat.

He's upset about it, too. The San Francisco 49ers coach believes someone is trying to undermine his team after reading a story published on Yahoosports.com that suggested communication problems in the coaches' booth with offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.

Singletary was angry that the story quoted an unnamed source. He also said the story was not accurate.

"If a man has something to say, he's going to try to find a way to come and tell you," he said Thursday. "But I don't want to deal with a rat. I don't want to spend my time trying to find out who said this, who said that. No. 1, the article is not factual. No. 2, I don't want to spend my time trying to find a rat. In time, the smell will come."

Asked how he might react if he found that the source of the story was in the team building, he said, "If the rat is in the building, it will show in time. But I'm not going to try and find it. It'll show."

The Yahoo story, written by Jason Cole and published Tuesday, claimed that Raye was slow to relay play calls to the field, in part because he was relying too much on his memory.

Cole quoted a source saying: "It seems like Jimmy calls plays from memory a lot of the time and not exactly the way it's written down. He knows the plays and he knows the right thing to call, but he's fumbling through his papers and it's like, ‘Hey, we need to get a play called.'" Cole wrote that plays often get garbled.

Raye's response: "I think I speak with good diction. I don't garble anything. … So whoever Yahoo is, maybe he should come call the plays."

Singletary typically leaves the media tent at the team's practice facility when he's finished talking and another coach or player is scheduled to speak. But he stayed nearby when Raye addressed writers, most likely as a sign of support for his assistant coach.

Singletary was clearly agitated by the story, but he said he was more disappointed.

"Am I pissed off about it?" he said, repeating a question. "I would say this: It's just something that disappointing. Pissed off (is) maybe a little immediate reaction. But to put it in perspective, you're just disappointed that something like that is written."

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