Gore: Offense finally got together

Troy Smith credits Singletary with an opportunity to play, and Frank Gore says the 49ers finally started taking shots in the second half.

Here's what the players were saying after the San Francisco 49ers' 24-16 victory over the Denver Broncos on Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London:

Quarterback Troy Smith, on how he played and finding a rhythm: "I missed passes through the course of the game, and sometimes things aren't going to be the exact way that you want them to. The reason we came out today was to get into a rhythm and be in a rhythm. Even though we missed some things early on, when the rhythm was put in place for us to make some plays later on, things just don't happen the way you want them to. You have to be able to keep your head down and stay even-keeled. As a quarterback, the game plan is the game plan and you have to execute it."

Smith, on his scrambling ability: "The scrambling situations come when you try to make a play. Through the course of my life, I've always been taught that my arm is just as much of a valuable weapon as my legs. They've definitely done an incredible job keeping me on a teeter totter, keeping things equally sound, whether it's pass and run or giving me the chance and opportunity to make a play. Without coach Singletary, though, I wouldn't be in this situation. I know he probably took a lot of slack with his decision. Him being the emotional leader that he is, he does nothing but help any and everybody around him. The standard of excellence that has been portrayed here and set up by coach Singletary is just that. It's a trusting thing. As long as he knows that you have his back, he's going to have yours, and without him none of this is possible."

Smith, on whether he feels he proved he should get another start: "I would like to say that, but I'm not going to go down that road. I think the coaching staff does a tremendous job putting the players in a situation to make plays. We're going to play it week by week and they'll let me know what's going on. But we're going to enjoy tonight, have some fun, hopefully, in Piccadilly Circus and be OK."

Frank Gore, on Troy Smith: "Troy, he played a good game. He made some big plays too. Our receivers just told our coaches, you know, let's play. We can't try to hold stuff back. You know, our coach called it, and Troy did a great job of forcing the huddle, and he made big plays when it counted and when we needed it."

Gore, on why the 49ers played so well in the second half: "I think we didn't take the big shots like we did in the second half. We got together as an offense at halftime, and we told ourselves, we've got to get going. We can't let the team move around the NFL with three points. We saw them make plays and we knew all the playmakers had to get going and make plays."

Cornerback Shawntae Spencer, on his interception that finished off the victory: "It was one of those things that, at that point in the game, you shouldn't be surprised. The ball's going to go to the open man, so I was just doing my job. Turning around, seeing the ball and making the play."

Spencer, on whether he feels there's still time to turn around the season: I tell you what, I think it was good. Coming off the Carolina loss that we didn't go back to Santa Clara or San Francisco and dealing with all the negative things there. Coming here and to really bond as a team and as an organization, it felt good to really get away. At the same time, when it was time to practice and time to work, guys really keyed in and focused hard on the little things."

Spencer, on the fans: "Oh, my goodness, we've got to get an NFL team over here. I'll tell you that the energy was unbelievable. There were a few times when Denver made a lot of good plays, big plays, and the fans stayed with it. The wave, the fans, the flags, it was just a lot of energy."

Linebacker Takeo Spikes, on whether he had a good time in London: "Oh, man, I had a ball. I enjoyed every bit of it, from getting off the plane, having the nice people, the ladies in particular, greeting us. Even at the hotel, both hotels, they did a good job. The hospitality -- people just welcomed us as a whole. I wish I could play a game here every year, to be honest with you."

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