York likely to stick with Singletary

It wasn't exactly a vote of confidence, but team president Jed York tells Fox Business Network that the club is supporting coach Mike Singletary "as much as we can." So for now, Singletary will stay.

With the San Francisco 49ers at the midway point in the season, it doesn't look as if team president Jed York is inclined to make a change in head coaches.

According to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, York told Fox Business Network, "I feel we are starting to turn the corner. We are starting to finish games we weren't finishing earlier in the season. We are supporting coach Singletary as much as we can. Right now there's not a lot of changes you can make. All we can do is continue to move forward and continue to show confidence in our team and our coach and let the play on the field speak for itself."

Not exactly an overwhelming vote of confidence for Singletary, whose team is 2-6, but it sounds as if York will let his coach finish out the season before deciding whether to start over again.

York also discussed the new 49ers stadium, the lack of a collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and players. Asked if believes the team can bring a Super Bowl title to the Bay Area just as the Giants did with the World Series this season, York said, "We absolutely will. I think it's great the Giants won. And it's something that lifts everybody's spirits in the Bay Area and energizes us to go out there and shows us what we can do if we put our minds to it."

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