It's OK to shed a few tears, Singletary says

If you caught the national TV broadcast Monday night, you saw Vernon Davis with tears streaming down his face as he led a 49ers pregame huddle. No problem with that, coach Mike Singletary says. He's done it himself.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The tears on Vernon Davis' face Monday night were real. San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary admitted he's shed a few himself.

Singletary said he has no problems with his players becoming emotional before games, as Davis, Patrick Willis and a few others did before the Niners' 27-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Davis could be seen on national TV in the team huddle with tears rolling down his face.

Asked if he's cried, Singletary said, "You know what? Sometimes. To me, when you're playing the game – and I don't know if you ever played a sport that you really love – but when you do things that you love, it brings out passion, and everybody shows it in different ways.

"I can be standing with a another guy and he's just as passionate as I am, but he doesn't show it like I do. I may cry and he may not show one tear. The most important thing for me is not to judge him and say, ‘Why is he not crying?' I think the bottom line is how that player plays the game."

Singletary conceded he has cried after 49ers losses this season.

"Every one of them," he said. "Well, with the exception of maybe one or two – every one of them, yes."

He added: "The most important thing is what you do after you wipe the tears away. It's not the fact that someone cries. It's extremely important what they do after that, after the disappointment. That's the thing that separates (whether) you continue to move on and get better or stay where you."

INJURIES: Kicker Joe Nedney (right knee strain and bone bruise) will likely return for Sunday's game at Green Bay. "Mentally, he's in a good frame of mind, and for kickers, that's 98 percent of it," Singletary said. … Listed as day to day are linebacker Parys Haralson (ankle strain), center David Baas (concussion) and wide receiver Josh Morgan (shoulder).

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