Kaepernick's first words as a 49er

Does Colin Kaepernick consider himself a project at quarterback? What are his feelings about being drafted by a team that plays just 100 miles from his family's home? How does he respond to questions about his throwing motion? Kaepernick gives his takes on these and other questions in his first interview as 49er after he was selected in the second round of the draft by the team Friday afternoon.

On the impression Kaepernick got when he had a workout with Niners coach Jim Harbaugh in Reno at Nevada's pro day: "I was very excited about it. He was one coach that was very hands-on. He was very energetic with everything that he was doing. He's the type of coach that gets you just excited to play the game."

On being drafted by a local NFL team: "That's amazing. That just makes it that much easier for my family and friends to come see me. I know everybody in Reno was hoping I went to the 49ers as well. To me this is a perfect pick."

On whether it was disappointing to see several quarterbacks get drafted early Thursday in round one: "It's definitely disappointing seeing other quarterbacks go before you, but once again, I've kind of fallen into a perfect situation. I have a great coach, great teammates that are going to be there on offense, so it's just exciting for me."

On whether he considers himself to be a project quarterback: "Not at all. But when it comes down to it, it's going to be how comfortable coach Harbaugh is with me on the field and how well he thinks I'm performing, so I'm just going to do everything I can to compete and be the best I can be."

On questions about his his throwing motion: "I think it's a little bit more abbreviated, but at the same time I haven't had a coach tell me they have a problem with it. Coach Harbaugh was actually the first coach to tell me that it looked good. I think he was worried about whether I get the ball out quickly or not, and when he told me that, I was very excited about it."

On whether a lot of coaches told him his throwing motion didn't look good: "No, I actually hadn't had anybody talk to me about it. So, that's something you kind of just hope for the best, and when you get to a team if you have to correct something, you do everything you can to make it perfect."

On Harbaugh's offensive system and whether that will accentuate some of his positives: "Definitely, there are a lot of things they do that are very good. When you watch the way Stanford played and the way their quarterback was utilized, watching them I got very excited. I'm happy to get the opportunity to play in that offense."

On when he made the choice to stick to football over baseball and whether people tried to talk him out of football: "No, for me, football was always my passion. It was my love. It was what I wanted to do. It was more people telling me I should go play baseball than stick with football, but to me football was what I wanted to do, it was what I love."

On what he knows about the current quarterback situation of the 49ers: "I know Alex Smith was their starter. I've heard he's a free agent right now and they have David Carr behind him. For me, it's just the opportunity to come in and work hard and see what happens."

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