Mays: 'I already got a chip on my shoulder'

Team officials confirmed late Thursday that they are shopping Taylor Mays around the league, but the second-year safety went about his business on the field Friday as best he could with the possibility his status as a 49er could change at any time. Mays talked about his situation after Friday's practice, saying he'll continue to work as part of the team unless he hears something otherwise.

Mays had few traces of rancor in his voice, saying he feels team officials have been straight with him and all he can do is continue to work hard in practice and see what comes next.

General manager Trent Baalke had a long discussion with Mays on Thursday before coach Jim Harbaugh said later that evening, "We don't really discuss what we're doing with the personnel. Taylor is a 49er, but full disclosure, there's been inquiries for Taylor over the last eight days. Enough to the point where I said, let's check it out. That's where we are at right now."

And that's where they remained late Friday when Mays stopped before coming off the practice field to undergo this conversation with a group of reporters:

Q: Has it been tough to concentrate through all this stuff that's been out there about your status on the team?
No, I mean, it's cool. I could, you know… It is what it is. I can roll with the adversity. I play hard regardless. I play for my teammates regardless. I like to play football. Regardless of what happens, I'm a football player. It's all good. So, it is what it is.

Q: Does it put a chip on your shoulder?
I mean, I already got a chip on my shoulder. It's nothing personal, you know, if it's business, it's a business. It is what it is. I don't have any personal vendettas with anybody. I talked to Trent, and me and Trent are definitely on the same page. So there's no animosity, and he wants what's best for myself and for the team.

Q: Are you concerned about possibly injuring yourself out there if you might not be here for the long haul?
No, I'm not concerned. I've never been concerned about that. You can't play football if you're concerned about injury. That's how you get injured.

Q: Do you think you're getting the opportunity you deserve here from the team's new coaching staff?
I think it's just a process, you know, and they're giving a lot of guys looks. And it's just going to be … what's the right word … an accumulative amount of reps maybe as we go on. So I can't say that today defines the whole season or that tomorrow does. But I think as we build up progressively through this preseason, I'll get whatever chance I need to get to show whatever I need to show.

Q: What has Trent said to you about where things stand?
I mean, I don't know. Trent didn't say anything for sure, and he didn't not say anything not for sure. We just kind of left it as somewhat open. It definitely was a mutual respect both ways, and so we'll just see what happens. Regardless of what happens in the future, I'm here now. So I'm going to do what I've got to do now to help this team, and to be with my teammates and coaches and provide what I can provide for this team. If everything changes, then it changes. But until then, I can't really worry about that.

Q: How did you find out that the team was shopping you around the league?
Trent came up and talked to me. Trent came and pulled me aside. He came to me first, which I appreciated and respected. And that's what I'm saying, there's a lot of respect and there's no animosity.

Q: So do you just try to go on like normal while this remains unresolved?
I mean, regardless of what happens, if we're thinking about anything, every day is a chance for me to get better. Practice is practice. Footwork is footwork. Technique is technique, you know? And I'm happy to be out here with these guys and learning from some of these defensive players and doing this. So I'm cool with that. I'm cool with whatever.

Q: Has your agent said anything to you about what other teams might be interested in your services?
I don't know yet what's going on with that. I just kind of… Even through yesterday and today it's kind of been left on the side, you know what I'm saying? Because it's hard to do that and, you know, I'm here to practice and stuff. I've got meetings and stuff. So I'm not trying to mess up my meeting time by thinking about the wrong stuff. So when I can have time to think about that, I'll deal with it.

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