Gore sits out game, then speaks up afterwards

Frank Gore watched from the sidelines Saturday night as the 49ers got pummeled by the Houston Texans and gained just 105 yards of offense without him. With a meeting between Gore's agent Drew Rosenhaus and team officials set for Monday to attempt progress on a new contract for the star running back, the 49ers held Gore out against the Texans, but he had plenty to say about his situation afterward.

Here's what Gore had to say Saturday evening about why he didn't play for the first time this preseason, how it might affect him to not play again before the regular season begins, and how he is dealing with the uncertainty surrounding his quest to get a new contract with the team.

Q: Are you happier not to play in this game, rather than risk injury at this point in the preseason?
You can't look at it that way, you know? I'm here to play football, and you know, I said I was going to do that. Coach told me earlier in this week, he told me, you know, that he wanted me to sit things out, pay attention and try to help the younger guys, and that's what I did.

Q: What did you see going wrong with the offense from your vantage point on the sidelines?
You know, we just couldn't get anything going. I can't really tell ya. I gotta go, you know, and watch the film. We just didn't get nothing going.

Q: What are you hoping to get out of Monday's scheduled negotiations to get you a new contract with the 49ers?
Well, hopefully it can get done before the season. But if it don't happen, I still have to be here for my teammates, and just have to pick it up.

Q: Will you be involved in those talks at all Monday?
Nah, I don't want get in that. I'm a football player. If I was an agent I would, I'd do it. But you know, that's my agent's job. And hopefully man, hopefully, hopefully… I hope it gets done and I hope I can get something fair."

Q: So your preseason's over, correct? You won't be playing in Thursday's exhibition finale in San Diego, right?
You know, I got to see what coach say. It's up to coach Harbaugh. You know, whatever he say I'm going to do. Coach is a great coach and I like him a lot and I respect him a lot.

Q: Would you be ready for the regular season if you don't get any more game action?
I'm ready. I've been ready. I trained my behind all this offseason. I practice hard every day, as y'all see. When my number gets called, 21 is going to be ready. When it comes time to shoot my guns, I'm going to shoot my guns. I just hope that everything get taken care so I can be mind right to just play ball, to go play football.

Q: Is your mind right now?
You know, I have my days. But once I touch the field, I don't think about it. You know, I'll be here for my team. I'll be here for my team and, you know, we've got to get some wins.

Q: Just to clarify, if you don't get an extension before the season starts, you are not going to request a trade?
I don't have nothing to… you know, it's up to the team. I don't have nothing to do with a trade. I don't have nothing to do with my agent and the team. If the team wants to do that… and hopefully they don't. I want to be here. I want to be a 49er, and I want to be treated right, Like I said, if it get done, it gets done. If not, I'm going to be here for my teammates and my coaching staff and try to make this run.

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