Many will be missing from weekend minicamp

The 49ers begin another full-squad minicamp at team headquarters on Saturday, but that doesn't mean everybody on the roster will be attending. Several starters have been excused for various reasons, several rookies can't attend because their college classes have yet to graduate, and some veterans - such as DT D'Marco Farr - won't be around because they are on the way out. "As far as we're concerned right now, he's not going to be part of this football team," coach Dennis Erickson said Wednesday.

Farr, the former Pro Bowler with the St. Louis Rams who has missed the past two seasons with knee problems, appeared confident in his comeback attempt during the team's first minicamp at the beginning of this month.

"The knee's fine," Farr said midway through the minicamp. "I'm going to get there. I'm here, and I'm confident. I had aspirations of being one of the best tackles in this league (before I was hurt), and I'm still looking to do that."

But Farr apparently injured his knee later that afternoon during the second practice of the second day of minicamp. He did not practice during the team's final session on May 4, and his locker was clear of personal belongings at the end of that day.

"The last day of our last minicamp, he came in and visited with me and said his knee was bothering him and he just couldn't go anymore," Erickson said. "We're not going to release him yet, but that could be coming." Farr won't be the only player on the roster whose face won't be seen this weekend.

Erickson said All-Pro receiver Terrell Owens has been excused because "he's involved in a movie down in New Orleans." Tailback Garrison Hearst already had family commitments for this weekend that were made before Erickson got the job in February. And veteran safety Zack Bronson is getting married this weekend. "I'm not going to get in the way of that," Erickson said with a laugh.

Starting right cornerback Jason Webster, who aggravated a left ankle injury during the last minicamp, "won't be able to go," in workouts this weekend, Erickson said, but the team now is hoping he can rehab without surgery, which was being considered two weeks ago.

The team also will be without several rookies and draft picks who - by NFL rules - are allowed to attend the team's first minicamp, but then can't participate with the team again until their schools graduate in June.

First-round draft choice Kwame Harris is among the group that can't participate. That group also includes receiver Bosley Allen, running back Allan Amundson, kicker Nate Fikse and linebacker Marcus Reese, among others.

"It hurts some, no question about it," Erickson said.

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