A free-agent signing on the horizon?

"All's quiet on the Western front," 49ers general manager Terry Donahue said Tuesday. He was talking about the possibility the team will use some of its spare salary-cap money to sign a veteran free agent as soon as next week.

The Niners are looking for veteran help at cornerback, but that's not the only place they are looking. If Donahue can find a deal that fits, he would consider adding a free agent at several different positions. But wide receiver and cornerback top the list, with CB apparently moving ahead of WR as the top priority after the GM has had a chance to evaluate his talent on hand during a series of spring minicamps.

The Niners had eighth-year cornerback Emmanuel McDaniel in for a visit last week, and they've recently talked with six-year veteran Fred Weary and may have him in next week. But, while the team would like to jump on a veteran sooner rather than later, Donahue said no signing is imminent this month.

"It's a possibility, but there isn't a time limit," Donahue said. "We're looking around, talking to some guys, and we're working the guys we got here. If there's somebody out there that we think can help us and we can get a deal going with, we'll do it. If not not, we'll play with what we've got."

Donahue reiterated that the Niners and their personnel staff are always keeping their eyes open and continue to evaluate the free-agent talent available and the new wave of players that just hit the open market after June 1 cuts.

"We're interested in any good player that can come in and help us," Donahue said. "We're looking at all these guys. We're not rushing to judgment on any of them. There's nobody we feel like, 'We just have to go get this guy.' But we're talking with a few reps."

When the team's current four-day minicamp ends on Thursday - the last full-squad gathering of the team before training camp begins in July - Donahue will meet with his coaches and get final assessments on what this team needs most before training camp begins.

But, if you listen to head coach Dennis Erickson, cornerback and receiver clearly appear to top the list.

"Yeah, we're going to seriously look at some (cornerbacks)," Erickson said. "When this camp is over, we'll sit down and talk about personnel. We're going to look where this team is at and where we need help. Obviously, that is one position that we are looking at. And, to me, (acquiring a veteran receiver) is not out of the question. But I've been happy with how our receivers have played. That is something we will discuss more next week when we get done with all of these things. It also depends on who is out there and who can help us. We don't want to just take somebody to take somebody."

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