Harbaugh: 'A lot of good to talk about'

Niners coach Jim Harbaugh gives his takes on the game after his team's 35-3 drubbing of the San Diego Chargers to finish the exhibition season Thursday night at Candlestick Park.

Harbaugh's Opening Statement: Well, obviously a lot of good to talk about. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying that. Really pleased with our defense, our twos. The job they did tonight, and really over the course of the last two games. Five straight quarters of shutout defense by those guys. It was fun watching them play. Same for a lot of our guys, that defense. [S] Trenton [Robinson], and [DT] Tony [Jerod-Eddie], [DT] Matt Masifilo. Thought that [OLB] Ike [Ikaika] Alama-Francis did a nice job. [LB] T.Good [Tavares Gooden] had a real good night. Corners were good. [CB] T. [Tramaine] Brock had a good game. So did [CB Anthony] Mosley. You could go up and down. [DT/FB] Will Tukuafu probably had one of the best isolation blocks I've ever seen down on the goal line. And lots of good stuff. [QB] Colin Kaepernick, thought he was really on his game. The lines, the lines played very well. Just could go on here, on and on. But, really pleased with so many of our guys. Really, really fun to watch them play and compete tonight."

Q: Will this make it even tougher to make your final roster cuts on Saturday?
Yes. Yeah, it will.

Q: QB Josh Johnson had a big game. Does that help clarify the number three role? Or with everything considered is it still tight?
Well, it's been tight. It's remained tight. And we'll have to have discussions on that.

Q: Did you talk to QB Colin Kaepernick before the game saying this might be the most extensive action you could see for a while, so go out and make the most of it?
I didn't say it like that. I think he saw with the way the plan was with [QB] Alex [Smith] and how many snaps Alex was going to get that, I'm sure he saw that.

Q: Those back-to-back drives where you guys forced turnovers, did you feel those two series were pretty crucial?
"Well, they made some plays, but [S] C.J. [Spillman] got the nice strip and [S] Darcel McBath made the nice interception. [LB] Larry Grant got his hands on the ball. It was nice to see our defenders getting their hands on the ball. And tackling, I thought they did a nice job swarming to the football and getting off blocks and not staying on the ground and pursuing. So, it was a lot of good things."

Q: We saw some of Will Tukuafu at fullback. We also saw LB Michael Wilhoite. What skills does he have that translates to both sides of the ball?
Michael Wilhoite as a fullback? He's physical. He's got the athleticism to adjust in tight spaces, and smart. Plays low, plays quick. He hasn't had the extensive training that Will has, or as much as Will's had, but he's definitely capable doing it.

Q: What impressed you the most when you're watching Colin Kaepernick? Is it his mobility, his arm strength, decisions? What makes him shine?
Well, a lot of things. That is just natural ability, and it means a lot to him. And he's been making improvements and strides since he got here. He can throw on the run extremely well. He's got speed. He can escape. Got good arm strength, very smart.

Q: For a guy like TE Delanie Walker who missed some time, a little bit last year, and then missed some time in the recent weeks. Can a touchdown like that where he shakes a defender and spins into the endzone give him momentum going into the regular season?
I think so. And we wanted to give Delanie a little bit more work tonight than some of the other starters, because he has missed some time in training camp and the offseason. Thought he looked really good. He was fired up about that play. And made a tremendous athletic play.

Q: With your defensive starters, did you and Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio evaluate people individually, or did you kind of make the decision as a unit that you've seen enough from these guys?
Yeah, we made the decision as a unit to not play them tonight.

Q: If Alex Smith can't go 16 games like he did last year, do you feel just a little more comfortable with what you have with Kaepernick with the way he's progressed since last year?
That's not a new feeling. It's something we've been comfortable with now for months, the course of this whole offseason about all our quarterbacks. We've felt like all four of them are, as you've heard us say, will play in this league for a long time.

Q: The intentional grounding call, did you feel the officials respond somewhat to what you were telling them do you think in that case? It looked like that from far away.
I don't think so. It looked like they were already beginning to get together like they do. And that's a process. The referee's got to go talk to the side judge. I think they were on it.

Q: You've got RB Frank Gore, RB Kendall Hunter, RB Brandon Jacobs, and RB LaMichael James, where do you see RB Anthony Dixon fitting into this team?
He's played extremely well, both as a tailback, a special teams player, and a fullback.

Q: You've said several times throughout the summer that you think you've got four starting-caliber quarterbacks. Is keeping four quarterbacks an option in this day and age of the NFL?
Yes, it's an option.

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