Senior Bowl: Long ready to carry the legacy

Oregon offensive tackle Kyle Long was sidelined for a couple of days at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. He made it back to practice Thursday and spoke with FOX Sports NEXT about the experience.

MOBILE, Ala. — The son of NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long and the brother of the St Louise Rams' Chris Long, it only seems natural Oregon's Kyle Long is destined for a career in the NFL, too.

"There's always going to be pressure when people set the precedent for you, especially in your family," Long said after Thursday's practice at the Senior Bowl. "I just have to continue to work hard and be the best Kyle Long I can be."

Where do the comparisons start between himself, his brother and father? "I play offensive line, I don't play defense like those guys," he explained. "The one thing I can control is my attitude, preparation, and effort."

Long, a former pitcher, originally chose to play baseball at Florida State before dropping out of school; he found himself drowning in the party scene and collected a DUI while in Florida. The naturally gifted athlete then found his way to Mission Viejo, Calif. attending Saddleback College and deciding to get back on the football field.

He played one season for the Oregon Ducks before his eligibility expired.

Though the pressure has always been there to continue the family legacy in the league, the offensive tackle also says he now sees it as a blessing to have his family's guidance through his career.

"There's two guys I can call and that's my brother and my dad," he said. "With any situation on or off the field, they're a big help for me."

Long, who officially weighed in at 6-foot-6 304-pounds, was sidelined due to illness for two practices in Mobile this week but is expecting to participate in Saturday's game. "It's great to be out here with my teammates again," he said. "It's good to get a good sweat going, especially since being sick."

The feedback from the North squad's Oakland Raiders coaching staff has been limited due to his absence, but there's been plenty of action for him at the team hotel with NFL scouts. "I think we're all ready for those guys to go back to their regular schedules," Long admitted with a smile. "It's good to get to meet with teams and let them in on your personal stuff, but we're ready to get back to football."

Long is currently projected as a second-round pick in April's draft.

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