Mayock: Niners need another playmaker at WR

In a national conference call previewing the upcoming 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock was asked about the 49ers and what they might be looking for with their top picks in the April draft. Would the Niners shoot high for another wide receiver after taking the seldom-used A.J. Jenkins in the first round last year? What about adding depth to an aging defensive line?

With the 49ers having a bonanza of 14 selections in the upcoming draft, including four picks in the first three rounds, Mayock was asked specifically about the Niners needing depth on their defensive line and possibly a future replacement for Pro Bowl tackle Justin Smith, along with the need for a speed receiver to pair with the emerging Michael Crabtree after Jenkins' disappointing rookie season.

Here's what Mayock had to say regarding those issues:

"Yeah, I think the wide receiver thing is interesting, and I kind of agree with you. That they could use another playmaker there. And if Keenan Allen was there, I'd be really interested in him at 31. I think Terrance Williams from Baylor is a big height, weight, speed guy that can run. He's interesting at 31.

"Obviously, you picked one in the first round last year that barely got on the field (in Jenkins). So part of this conversation is going to be how Jim Harbaugh and the staff feel about that kid, and his potential development next year, whether or not you go out and spend another one on a wideout.

"As far as the defensive line are concerned, I agree with you. There are some really good kind of nose tackle, five technique guys out there right now. If San Francisco has a couple aging guys at that position, though they're really good players.

"So when you start getting down toward the end of the first round at that five technique, Datone Jones from UCLA is a late one to a mid two. Margus Hunt from SMU, you might get him in the second round. But he's a big, impressive kid that I think down the road will be a heck of a player. They're the logical guys.

"And William Gholston in the second or third round also from Michigan State in that 3 4 to play defensive end."

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