49ers react to Hunter's injury

The 49ers talked Saturday about losing running back Kendall Hunter to a season-ending ACL tear in Friday's practice.

The San Francisco 49ers lost their presumed No. 2 running back Kendall Hunter Friday when he suffered an ACL tear in the team's second training camp practice.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman and players spoke Saturday afternoon about what it means to be without Hunter for the remainder of the season.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman:

"Based now on what Kendall had done in the spring and the first couple days of camp, certainly, it’s a blow in that sense. He looked so good and was really back to form. Kendall, does it get any better than him as a person, a contributor? No. Next man up is not a cliche, it’s the way of life. I’m sure Kendall will do like he did from his prior injury and attack his rehab with great enthusiasm. We look forward to the day he can be back out with us."

Fullback Bruce Miller:

"One, just being a close friend, teammate, brother, you don’t ever want to see that happen to a guy. Especially like Kendall. He puts in so much work, effort into being ready to go. Great teammate, great leader on our team. To have him go down is definitely going to hurt us. But that’s an opportunity to step up. We’ve got some great guys int he backfield. They’ll pick up the slack there - pick Kendall up and we’ll kind of use that to push through the season and do it for Kendall.

"We just spent a lot of time together. And then we work hand-in-hand together. I work with Kendall all the time. Again, love playing with him, love the type of player and person he is, so I hate to see him go down."

Running back LaMichael James:

"First, I just want to say Kendall’s one of my best friends on the team. Any time you see someone as close as you are get hurt like that, it’s kind of depressing. You never want to see it. I’m a little down for him. All the work he put in in the offseason to be out here with us. You just got to go out and play for him. That’s the way I look at it…I got to give a little extra for him too."

Cornerback Chris Culliver:

"It’s hard, man. Kendall's my teammate. He’s actually my roommate for camp. To see him go down like that, the only word I can use to describe it is devastating. I don’t wish that on anybody. I hope everybody be healthy. It’s easy to mess something up like that but it’s so hard to come back. A lot of people don’t understand that. A lot of people are ‘Oh, he’ll be back in seven, eight months.’ Ya’ll don’t know. It’s hard…It’ll be a process for him. But like I told him, just work hard and he’ll be back on the field soon."

Running back Carlos Hyde:

"It’s sad to see Kendall go down though. That was another guy that I was looking up to, watching him at practice, watching how carried himself at practice, how he executed at practice. But I’m going to keep doing what coach asked me to do - come to practice every day and give it my best."


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