Miller moving "onward and upward" from arrest

Bruce Miller is back practicing with the 49ers after pleading "no contest" to a disturbing the peace charge earlier this week.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller contends he never touched his ex fiancé the night he got arrested March 5.

"Didn’t happen," Miller said Friday following his second practice with the team this offseason.

Tuesday, Miller pleaded "no contest" to a disturbing the peace charge, and faces 16 weeks of domestic-violence counseling as a result.

For Miller, he's just happy to move on and be back with his teammates.

"Onward and upward. Moving forward," Miller said. "It’s great to be back here with the guys, be apart of the team. Just get back to doing what I know how to do, and that’s play football. Want to apologize to everyone this had a negative affect on. We’re moving forward, moving onward and upward."

Miller is back with the team after splitting time this offseason between the Bay Area and Atlanta, where he worked out at Competitive Edge, the same fitness center where he prepared for the NFL Draft in 2011 coming out of Central Florida.

Given the climate surrounding domestic violence charges to players in the NFL, Miller has been grouped with others accused of domestic violence, which, he says, has been especially hard on his family and close friends.

"That was very tough. That was another thing I had to learn. People are going to think like they want to think," Miller said. "To the people who know me, I didn’t have to explain myself one time."

Miller and the alleged suspect are no longer engaged, and cannot maintain contact, according to an order from the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office.

The night of the incident, police responded to a phone call from Miller's fiancé, who made the call from a witness' phone, and said Miller had pushed her out of a vehicle, took her phone and smashed it. She refused medical attention and did not sustain visible injuries or complain of pain, according to a press release issued by the Santa Clara DA.

The details for Miller's four-month counseling program are still being ironed out, Miller said, and it's unknown if it will impact the upcoming season. The 49ers' mandatory minicamp is slated for June 9 through 11.

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