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After speaking with his team, 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula named Blaine Gabbert his starting quarterback

The 49ers took to Twitter Monday night to announce Blaine Gabbert was their starting quarterback when they come off their bye week.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - After the San Francisco 49ers' win over the Falcons Sunday, head coach Jim Tomsula was still reluctant to name a starting quarterback for the team's next game in Seattle following the coming bye week.

"Just to clarify, I'm not going to talk to anybody here before I talk to anybody there (in 49ers headquarters)," Tomsula said. "I said last week that the decision was made for Blaine to go into the Atlanta, and then we had an open week, and we'll see where things went from there. So I will talk to those people before we talk to these people."

After speaking with his team Monday, the 49ers announced on Twitter that Gabbert would be the starter for the game Nov. 22 against the Seahawks.

In making his first start since 2013 for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Blaine Gabbert threw for 185 yards on 15 of 25 completions with two touchdowns and two interceptions after replacing Colin Kaepernick, who led the NFL's lowest-ranked offense in both yardage and scoring in the first eight games when San Francisco wet 2-6.

Last week, when Tomsula announced Gabbert would be the starter for the Falcons games, he was asked if making the change at quarterback was 100 percent his decision, to which the answer was, "Yes."

Monday, fullback Bruce Miller was asked if he expected Gabbert to be the starter.

"That's up to coach and management," Miller said. "...I would imagine that they all get together and have a joint decision. I think a lot goes into it. I don't think there's one person that makes that decision. I think a lot of factors would go into that."

One of the major questions of Gabbert heading into Sunday's game was his ability to take a hit after appearing skittish behind a suspect offensive line for much of his career in Jacksonville.

Early in the fourth quarter, former 49ers linebacker Philip Wheeler supplied a big hit on Gabbert that temporarily knocked him from the game after an official spotter wanted Gabbert checked for an apparent concussion. Wheeler was flagged for a roughing-the-passer personal foul.

Doctors ruled on the sideline that Gabbert did not suffer a head injury. But before he was allowed back in the game, Kaepernick played two snaps. The first was a running play to Shaun Draughn, and the second was an incompletion down field off the hands of tight end Vance McDonald.

On the sideline, Tomsula said he thought Gabbert was initially fine after the hit and handled it well, in contrast to what people thought about how he handled in big hits as a Jaguar.

"Wonderful. I think he reacted like we thought he would react," Tomsula said. "I've known Blaine Gabbert since he got to the 49ers to now. All the evaluation happened before he became part of the 49ers. When he became part of the 49ers, we evaluated him almost day to day. We evaluated who he is here, and what he's doing. The evaluation was going on before that, before he got here, and we obviously have our notes and our work was done before Blaine got here."

With the win, Gabbert's career record as a starter moves to 6-22. It was his first win since Sept. 23, 2012, when he threw for 155 yards on 10 of 21 completions with a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts.


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