From the locker room

What the Bears and 49ers were saying after San Francisco crushed Chicago 49-7 in Sunday's season opener at 3Com Park:

"Obviously, it was the turnovers that made the difference. That's the kind of thing that can happen when you get turnovers like that. To get turnovers and to block a punt is so key. Once those things happen, whether it's on your side or their side, you get turnovers like that and a short field, you've got a pretty darn good chance to win. I thought defensively we played outstanding the whole football game. The key to winning in any league is being very dominant on defense, and we were today. Then they got behind and it's insurmountable to come back. That's hard. I've been there. I've been on the other side of that." --- Niners coach Dennis Erickson

"I'm embarrassed. That's the worst game we've played since I've been here. When it goes bad, it goes bad. It was ugly out there. I don't think we did anything well." --- Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher

"You need to be able to make plays on special teams. That's what they said was missing here last year. What makes a team is how good your special teams are. Myself, I just wanted to get in there and make a play wherever I could – at receiver, on special teams, or at cornerback, if that's what it takes." --- 49ers receiver Brandon Lloyd

"We are getting back to what we used to do in the past, like when I first arrived here in 1992. There were times when we would run a lot of scatbacks and run the backs out of the backfield and drop it to the backs a couple of times, hand it to them and then hit John Taylor or Jerry Rice deep. We got away from the deep balls the last few years and now the deep balls are coming back." --- 49ers offensive tackle Derrick Deese

"I asked (Brian Urlacher) if he was trying to take my head off (on a third-quarter hit) and he said he was trying to do whatever he could to get me out of the game. I think at one point, he thought I was coming at him. Hey, Brian, I'm not that stupid. We're teammates, as far as Pro Bowls go the last two years. He's a great guy, great competitor and one of the best linebackers in the league. It was just one of those situations on the field. It was all in good fun." --- 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia

"We got whupped, we got whupped, period. I didn't play well at all. I turned the ball over three times and just couldn't find the rhythm. And then we got into a battle of playing catch-up. You keep trying and trying and turnovers happen. And before you knowit, it starts to be a snowball effect. There's no excuses that have to be made. I don't pity or no one to feel sorry for me." --- Bears quarterback Kordell Stewart

"Coach Mora came in with a great game plan. The coaches have been working with our defensive backs, and they've been doing a great job. We're communicating and we talk a lot more now. We're a more veteran team on the defensive side of the ball, and we're playing to our level right now. The sky's the limit for us. We are taking the right steps, we're communicating and getting it done." --- 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson

"We take pride in making big plays. Erickson said we're going to be aggressive on offense. But at the same time, Jeff is being smart with the ball, he's making the right reads, and that was the case today. Everybody made catches today, and that's the way it's going to be throughout the course of the season." --- 49ers receiver Terrell Owens

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