Terrell Owens didn't have much to say after the 49ers' frustrating and disappointing 30-26 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

In fact, the All-Pro receiver didn't have anything to say.

Owens sat stone-faced in front of his locker for more than an hour after the game Sunday, still wearing half his uniform, and declined repeated requests to speak with reporters. He sat there, scowling and staring blankly, until the locker room had cleared out of players and media long after the game.

But by the next afternoon, when the 1-1 Niners returned to work to begin preparations for Monday's nationally-televised game against the New York Jets, Owens was ready to talk. He also was ready to point fingers. At himself.

 "Personally, I feel I can chalk up the loss on this team for this one," said Owens, who dropped four passes against the Rams, all of them pivotal plays that could have either kept drives alive or gone for big yardage - or more. "I really felt what I did or didn't do on the field really lost the game," Owens said.

"I owe the team an apology. I can say I lost the game for the team, despite of what anybody else may say. The things I do on the field can make or break us."

They broke the Niners on Sunday, as the big plays Owens had in his grasp never materialized. They could have made a big difference in a game in which the Niners several times appeared on the threshold of recording their biggest win in three seasons.

Instead, with perhaps their most dangerous weapon unable to get unleashed, they couldn't match firepower with the Rams. Owens did hold onto five passes, gaining 51 yards, and he still ranks fourth in the NFC in receiving after what was, for him, a subpar performance. He leads the Niners with 12 receptions for 144 yards after two games.

"I need to play better," said Owens, who, after the loss, drove to the team's Santa Clara headquarters late Sunday night to study film for two hours. "I know I'm a better player than that. I need to step my game up. Sometimes, this is like a humbling experience for me. It's a wake-up call for me. I pretty much stopped myself against the Rams. I know what I need to do so this doesn't happen again."

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