From the locker room

What they were saying after the Cleveland Browns pulled a stunning 13-12 upset over the 49ers on Sunday:

"This is definitely a game that I feel like we should have won. We had them for three-and-a-half quarters, I guess you can say, and to lose like that at the end of the game, and for a team to come back and score two touchdowns on you, it hurts. That is one of the worst ways to lose. You worked so hard the whole game, then the last 8-10 minutes, we lost the game. That is the way the game works sometimes, and that is why we are just going to have to get better and find out what we are doing wrong." --- Niners cornerback Ahmed Plummer

"I'm not here to make any excuses for the team or myself. I just felt like we didn't get it done. We missed opportunities and this is a team that, in the past when we have been handed or given something, we jumped on it, and that didn't happen today." --- Niners offensive tackle Scott Gragg

"We stopped their run, that was the first thing we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to make them one-dimensional, force them to pass. Another priority was keeping (Jeff) Garcia under pressure and inside the pocket. He could be very dangerous when he's scrambling. We tried to wrap him up and squeeze him like a snake would." --- Browns defensive tackle Gerard Warren

"We didn't take advantage of opportunities offensively. We got down there a whole bunch of times for field goals instead of touchdowns. When you have opportunities in the red zone like we had opportunities in the red zone, you have to get sevens (on the board), not threes. We have to bounce back. Losing a game like this, particularly at home, is a very difficult thing. All we can do is bounce back." --- Niners coach Dennis Erickson

"I don't know how many times we've been in the red zone and my number hasn't been called. We've got plays in the red zone, and they're for nothing. Tai (Streets), myself, Ced (Cedrick Wilson) – we can all make plays. But if our numbers aren't called, if the right plays aren't called, it's not going to happen," --- Niners receiver Terrell Owens

"As an offense, I myself take full responsibility for not winning this football game. I could have done things better, we all could have done things better. We didn't make plays when it counted. We were close in the latter part of the fourth quarter to where we could have cemented this game, but we didn't. We allowed them to hang in the game, we had plenty of chances to put it away and just didn't. Defensively, we played well enough to easily win this game, but offensively, we didn't do what we had to do." --- Niners quarterback Jeff Garcia

"To go out there and answer the turnovers the way we did was just a huge performance by the defense. Jeff (Garcia) had some scrambles, made some plays and he's a hell of a football player, but for the most part our defense did a really good job of keeping him in the pocket and pressuring him. This is a team that you don't want to give a lot of opportunities to. We played really well on third downs and our team has a lot of pride." --- Browns coach Butch Davis.

"It's bittersweet. I love that I had some opportunities to get my feet wet and prove myself to my teammates. But at the same time, I would love if one of my field goals could be replaced with a touchdown. It's kind of unfortunate that it came down to field goal, field goal, field goal. But I am glad that I had the opportunity and that I hit on all my kicks." --- New Niners kicker Owen Pochman

"We aren't pointing fingers at anybody. We just need to correct our mistakes and move on. I don't necessarily think we have to turn it around. It is not like we are on a downward spiral or anything. I think we are a good team. We need to go in the film room and correct what we did wrong, then come out next week and even our record at 2-2." --- Niners linebacker Jeff Ulbrich

"Our pride was wounded by what happened to us last week, but we got some of that back today," --- Browns defensive end Kenard Lang

"This is unacceptable. We've got win these ball games." --- Niners linebacker Julian Peterson

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