SFI's 49ers Holiday Wish List

Since Santa won't be coming down the Niners' chimney to deliver the playoff berth they'd hope for this holiday season, SFI has made a holiday wish list for all things 49er:

To Julian Peterson: A better record and team finish in 2004, so he can receive the legitimate NFL Defensive MVP consideration next year that he deserved for his terrific impact play this season.

To John York: Loose purse strings, since the team's owner will have to shell out loads of cash in the months to come to keep this team together and, particularly, to keep it competitive.

To Owen Pochman: A guy who can successfully hold PAT attempts for you, wherever you are.

To Terrell Owens: A new home where you'll be happy next season, and a new group of beat writers you'll feel compelled to speak with.

To 49ers ticket-holders: A new stadium where they can use their tickets. What else! This also is a wish for every single person who follows the Niners or is associated with the team. For the sake of the franchise, it better come true someday soon.

To Terry Donahue: A new run of shrewd moves and home-run decisions after his fabulous extended first streak finally ended this year.

To Fred Beasley: Some crash-test linebacker dummies, just so the team's studly Pro Bowl fullback will have some LBs to blow away with his thunderbolt blocking whenever he has the urge to do so in his spare time.

To Jamie Winborn: A complete recovery and successful rehabilitation from neck fusion surgery for a guy who already has had to overcome his fair share of adversity.

To Dennis Erickson: Some answers, since he often has said he wishes he had them this season.

To Tony Parrish: The satisfaction of knowing that people realize he's one of the true stars of this team now, even if it's taking the rest of the league's Pro Bowl voters too long to figure that out.

To Steve Young and Brent Jones: The franchise, since the two former 49ers greats reportedly have a group of investors in the wings who are interested in bankrolling the purchase of the team.

To Cedrick Wilson: An internal body alarm that automatically tells him to hit the turf before the clock runs out.

To Sourdough Sam: A contemporary look for the team's home mascot, whose duds are getting a little outdated.

To Todd Peterson: Deeper kickoffs. And a job with the team next year, since the 10th-year veteran is the most reliable kicking specialist the team has had in the past four years.

To Jerry Rice: A memorable retirement bash, even if it had to happen on the wrong side of the San Francisco Bay.

To Tom Hastings: A little more deserved recognition for the standout job the team's manager of Internet services does with the Niners' award-winning web site.

To Kevan Barlow: The future at tailback. It's here, and it's his.

To Jeff Garcia: Some relief from the grief the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback has endured in 2003. Oh, and a return to pre-2003 form, too, just like he has displayed through the month of December.

To Bryant Young: A few less double-teams and a little more help inside to make sure that happens.

To Peter Harris: A smile and a good word, because that's what he always has had for others during his time as the team's president and CEO.

To Andrew Williams: Some playing time. The team's third-round draft pick didn't get much to show what he's got in 2003.

To Bill Walsh: A larger role in the operation next year for the 49ers icon, since it appears to be about time the team could use another jolt of that old Bill Walsh magic.

To the entire offensive line: No more ankle injuries.

To Mike Rumph: Some leftover crow to post above his locker, that which remains from what those who labeled him a first-round bust were forced to eat this season.

To Garrison Hearst: One more shot at another 1,000-yard rushing season, whether it's here or elsewhere.

To Dominic Corsell: Continued sagacious handling of salary cap issues by the team's top capologist, since things might get a little tricky again in that area this offseason.

To Terry Jackson: A Pro Bowl berth for the Niners' special teams captain, who has been deserving of that honor for years.

To Greg Knapp: Ear plugs, for those random occasions when receivers and others might get a little loud and whiny on the sidelines.

To Jeremy Newberry: A new ankle ligament. The torn ligament this tough guy has been playing with all season has got to be completely worn out by now.

To Bill LaFleur: No more left-footed kickers. And some stick-um.

To Patrick Morris: A special version of the Bobb McKittrick Award, because the team's offensive line coach continues to carry on and live up to the lofty standards established by his hallowed predecessor. And that hasn't always been easy.

To Tim Rattay: A little bit more personality to go with the glamorous position he plays.

To Ahmed Plummer: A contract offer good enough to keep this quality corner from jumping to another team as a free agent.

To Steve Mariucci: A few more as-yet-nameless San Francisco coaches and players who will follow him to Detroit next year, just like the pack that went with him this season to help Mooch turn things around with the Lions.

To Derek Smith: Security in knowing that he has simply played too well too consistently at middle linebacker for the team to let him leave.

To Eric Johnson: The 20 pounds of bulk he lost after a broken clavicle ended his 2003 season before it even began.

To Jason Jenkins: The same grace, kindness and helpful respect the team's assistant director of public relations has for others.

To Jim Mora: Results that more consistently add up to the sum of his defensive parts and game plan.

To Andre Carter: More quarterback sacks, of course. His steady climb among the league leaders was rerouted this season.

To Chidi Ahanotu: A home in San Francisco. The veteran defensive lineman has homes in Miami and Toronto, so why not one here, too?

To Brandon Lloyd: A crash course in starting at receiver, since there's a good chance that's what he'll be doing for the Niners next season.

To 49ers fans everywhere: A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, not to mention a better season to celebrate in 2004.

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