Seven questions with Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren

Q: What changes have you noticed about the 49ers offense now from when you last played?

Holmgren: Well, it looks to me like Jeff (Garcia) is feeling good and healthier. That is what it appears he is moving around and he is doing the things that came pretty natural for him. In our first game I am not sure how he was feeling. Secondly, they are running the ball awfully well. They appear to be committed to the run and they are doing it very very well.

Q: What are your views on the 49ers defense?

Holmgren: They are first of all very well coached. I have tremendous respect for Jim Mora Jr. and the job that he does there. They play so hard that is the first thing that jumps out at you. They play with a lot of emotions and intensity and then he (Mora) likes activity. He will blitz you and try to keep you off balance with a lot of different looks. We have a lot of work cut out for us there is no question about that.

Q: What are your thoughts on Jim Mora becoming a head coach in the future?

Holmgren: I think that it is just a matter of time. There are guys who are on this list that are circled around the league and Jim has to be on that list. He has proven himself he has a great pedigree, but he is still a young guy, he is still a young man so it will happen it is just when is the question.

Q: What are your thoughts on Brandon Lloyd?

Holmgren: I think that he is very impressive in that (Philadelphia) game. Obviously, when you loose a player the quality of Terrell Owens, it is a loss but when you have young guys that can step in and play the way he played then it is impressive to me.

Q: Why do you think teams in the NFC West are having so much trouble on the road?

Holmgren: I don't know. I wish I had an answer for you because we are one of those teams. One thing that I don't believe in curses and ghosts and things like that; usually there is a simpler answer than that. That answer is usually you turn the ball over more and you get more penalties and you just didn't play as precise as you do at home. You must learn that on the road to deal with the negative energy that comes from the opponent's crowd and the noise factor for your offense. Those are two things are consistent and you must learn how to deal with that to win on the road in this league and the teams that learn to deal with that usually are a little bit more mature they have a little more experience and they are able to handle it a little bit better.

Q: What are your impressions on Tony Parrish, and why can't a guy like that who has been putting up the numbers get more recognition for the Pro Bowl?

Holmgren: He certainly is a good football player and deserves to go to the Pro Bowl, but like I have told some of my guys, the Pro Bowl at times isn't always fair. However, the times that I have coached that game, and I have coached three of them, there wasn't a player there that didn't deserve to be there. There are more good football players and more deserving football players in this league than there are Pro Bowl spots and sometimes it isn't fair and sometimes you are in a position to where all of the sudden the guys you are competing against have great years and you get overlooked a little bit. It is not that he doesn't deserve to go because he certainly deserve to go it is just that his time will come and if he continues to play the way that he is playing now it will be sooner than later.

Q: Do you think Brandon Lloyd and Cedrick Wilson could step up and become more prominent receivers in the near future for the Niners?

Holmgren: I don't really know them well enough to really answer that question. I know that we have young guys here that we like very much but are not playing very much but they have a future with us and I am sure that the 49ers feel the same way. It is just that they have gotten a chance to play and when you get that chance be ready and impress. Obviously they wouldn't be there if the team didn't like them.

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