NFL Network has developed the following schedule to present 54 preseason games (all but the games the NFL's network television partners are airing) in just 25 days.

Whether you are a displaced fan, a fantasy football fanatic looking to get the edge for the upcoming season, or one of the millions of NFL diehards, the list of NFL Network's preseason coverage is for you.

Games airing live are noted next to the teams. All other games listed will be shown on a delayed basis using the feeds from the participating teams' broadcasters. All times are Eastern. Friday, August 13 Chicago at St. Louis 1:00 PM

Kansas City at New York Giants (Live) 8:00 PM

New York Jets at New Orleans 12:00 AM

Saturday, August 14 Philadelphia at New England 12:00 PM

Indianapolis at San Diego (Live) 10:00 PM

NO HUDDLE – Live whiparound show featuring action from 8 games 7:30 PM

Sunday, August 15 Arizona at Minnesota 10:00 AM

Carolina at Washington 1:00 PM

Cincinnati at Tampa Bay 4:00 PM

Denver at Buffalo (Live) 7:00 PM

Jacksonville at Miami 11:00 PM

Monday, August 16 Dallas at Houston 1:00 PM

Oakland at San Francisco 4:00 PM

Tuesday, August 17 Pittsburgh at Detroit 12:00 PM

Cleveland at Tennessee 3:00 PM

Saturday, August 21 Minnesota at Atlanta 1:00 PM

Detroit at Cleveland (Live) 4:30 PM

Denver at Seattle 11:00 PM

Sunday, August 22 Tennessee at Buffalo 7:00 AM

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville 10:00 AM

Washington at Miami 3:00 PM

New England at Cincinnati 9:00 PM

Monday, August 23 San Diego at Arizona 10:00 AM

Houston at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM

Dallas at Oakland 4:00 PM

Tuesday, August 24 25. New Orleans at Green Bay 12:00 PM

26. San Francisco at Chicago 3:00 PM

Saturday, August 28 27. New York Giants at New York Jets 11:00 AM

San Francisco at Minnesota 2:00 PM

Green Bay at Jacksonville 5:00 PM

Oakland at Arizona 11:00 PM

Sunday, August 29 New Orleans at Chicago 9:00 AM

Seattle at San Diego 12:00 PM

Cincinnati at Atlanta 3:00 PM

Buffalo at Indianapolis 9:00 PM

Monday, August 30 Houston at Denver 9:00 AM

Detroit at Baltimore 12:00 PM

Tuesday, August 31 36. Cleveland at Kansas City 12:00 PM

37. Miami at Tampa Bay 3:00 PM

Thursday, September 2 Jacksonville at New England (Live) 6:30 PM

St. Louis at Oakland (Live) 10:00 PM

Friday, September 3 Baltimore at New York Giants 12:00 PM

Kansas City at Dallas 3:00 PM

San Diego at San Francisco 12:00 AM

NO HUDDLE – Live whiparound show featuring action from 6 games 8:00 PM

Saturday, September 4 44. Buffalo at Detroit 11:00 AM

45. Minnesota at Seattle 7:00 PM

46. Carolina at Pittsburgh 10:00 PM

Philadelphia at New York Jets 12:00 AM

Sunday, September 5 Tampa Bay at Houston 10:00 AM

Indianapolis at Cincinnati 1:00 PM

Green Bay at Tennessee 4:00 PM

Chicago at Cleveland 11:00 PM

Monday, September 6 Arizona at Denver 9:00 AM

Atlanta at Washington 1:00 PM

Miami at New Orleans 4:00 PM

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