Mooch hurting, but rest of team healthy for Rams

You know things are going right for the 49ers when their most serious injury this week belongs to the guy calling the shots from the sidelines.

"This is probably the most favorable injury report list we've ever had here," coach Steve Mariucci said Monday. "Call it luck or call it what you want, but we're pretty darn healthy at this point, it seems."

Pretty darn healthy, that is, except for Mariucci. "I think we all can razz him right now about being the only injured participant in this locker room," Niners quarterback Jeff Garcia said with a smile Monday afternoon. Mariucci, the Niners' fifth-year coach, was leveled on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of Sunday night's 35-0 rout of the Buffalo Bills by Garcia, who was tossed out of bounds by a Buffalo defender and slid into his coach. Mariucci wore an ice pack wrapped on his left knee at his media conference after Sunday's game, and on Monday he was wearing a decidedly painful limp.

"It's fine," Mariucci said bashfully. "That's it. It's fine." Mariucci had a Magnetic Resonance Imaging exam Monday morning that revealed a bone bruise on his knee. He said he is probable for the Rams game. Will he wear a brace Sunday? "No. Lose the brace," Mariucci said, smiling. "Jeff said I could use his brace since he's not using it anymore. But it's too skinny." Informed of that remark later in the day, Garcia said, "That's due to his diet. But he keeps asking for my brace. I told him it's right in there. Go ahead and try it on. But it would probably be too small for him."

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