Anybody interesting out there?

The 49ers always are scouring the waiver wire and perusing the list of available free agents in a constant attempt to upgrade their roster. So, are the Niners interested in unattached quarterback Chad Hutchinson? Could they see themselves finding a roster spot for aging defensive back extraordinaire Rod Woodson? General manager Terry Donahue had some interesting comments when those two names came up after a training camp session, stating, "I'm not going to say no to anything."

The Niners, obviously, are aware those players are out there, Hutchinson having been dumped by the Dallas Cowboys and Woodson recently released by the team's Bay Area rival Oakland Raiders.

But money is a concern if the Niners were to go after any veteran talent that's out there on the open market. And, even though the young and big-armed Hutchinson is an intriguing prospect for San Francisco's revamped offensive system, the Niners – as they have indicated since early in the spring – aren't too interested in tinkering with the young lineup of arms they already have in place.

Reports coming out of Texas earlier this week indicated that the Cowboys had attempted to trade – or at least offered to trade – Hutchinson to the Niners, among a few other teams, before releasing him.

When asked if Hutchinson might be on the team's radar, Donahue replied, "No, I don't think he is. I really don't. We've made a conscious decision, if you will. We've had Tim (Rattay) for four years and we made a commitment to give him a shot at this thing. And we have a strong belief that Ken Dorsey is a good prospect for us and Brandon Doman is in the mixture and now we have Cody Pickett. I think that we're going to go in this direction and we're going to see who, with the opportunity, will get it done. Tim's our starting quarterback and we're excited to watch him play."

The Hutchinson speculation really didn't make much sense for the 49ers anyway. At 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds with a rifle attached to his throwing shoulder, he's a big, pocket passer who could excel in the downfield throwing situations that coach Dennis Erickson envisions for his offense this year. But Hutchinson would have to start all over again in the Niners' system, and the only thing he really appears to have going for him after he failed in Dallas is that he can put some air under his passes.

The Woodson speculation is a little less far-fetched, though it still doesn't make much sense for the Niners, who are going forward with young talent and not looking back to patch holes with 39-year-old veterans, albeit 39-year-old future Hall of Famers.

Despite his age and wear and tear, Woodson might be a viable alternative at free safety to Ronnie Heard or Dwaine Carpenter, giving the Niners a smooth and accomplished veteran presence as their last link in what promises to be a quality defense.

Donahue broke out the, "I'm not going to say no to anything" comment when asked if he might be interested in Woodson.

"But again," the GM continued, "we do have cap issues, and we have other issues that oftentimes we might want to go and become involved with a player and we really can't be involved just because of finances right now. We're not going to say no to anything. But probably at this point in time, it would probably be very difficult for us, we'd have to see. I'd have to look at a lot of stuff to figure that one out. I haven't looked yet."

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