Dorsey: 'I've got to be out there'

Ken Dorsey was back at 49ers practice Wednesday morning, but he wore shorts and a T-shirt instead of his No. 7 jersey and a helmet while watching the action from the sidelines. Dorsey, who had an MRI exam on Tuesday that revealed two protruding disks in his lower back, won't play in Friday's exhibition at Minnesota, but he says his back will be fine and he expects to return to practice as soon as his back calms down and team trainers allow him to throw again.

Q: How's your back?

Dorsey: It's coming along. It's just more (being) mad that it happened more than anything. It's just aggravating. You really want to be out here practicing, you want to do the things that help make yourself a better football player. And to have something like this is really aggravating, it really is.

Q: How did it happen?

Dorsey: Throwing a quick out (during Monday's practice). It was just one of those things where your body just didn't agree with something you did. Like a little jerk here or something like that. It was a completion, at least.

Q: Did you also experience these kind of back problems in college at Miami?

Dorsey: I did it one time in Miami. It's nothing on a weekly basis that I do it or anything like that. We're just going to do the right things and make sure it doesn't happen again. After we're done treating it now, making sure there's no relapse, staying on top of it. I've been doing stuff to try to maintain my back and maintain everything to keep it stable. Now I just have to start doing more.

Q: Are you also having some injury problems with your right knee?

Dorsey: That was just a game deal, kind of somebody landed on it in a game. The knee wasn't anything that was bad. That was more soreness than anything. That was kind of everyday football stuff. That's all.

Q: When do you predict you'll be back throwing in practice?

Dorsey: Really soon, I would anticipate. We still have to sit down and talk about everything with the trainers and everything. I'm not sure about the exact timetable. But for me, as soon as possible. I mean, the second I'm ready, I'll be out there.

Q: Do you consider this just a little bump in the road?

Dorsey: It is. That's all it is. It's just kind of one of those things that happened that you're just really aggravated about more than anything, just mad that it happened. You're doing all the right things to prevent something like this, and then it just happens. That's more than anything, just kind of the aggravation, the mental aspect of getting over it and focusing on that's something you couldn't control. It was just something in your body that happens, and making sure that you do everything you can to prevent it from happening again and getting it right.

Q: Is this something you have to guard against all year long because it has happened in the past?

Dorsey: It's preventable. I kind of had some soreness in Miami, it would tighten up on me every once in a while, and I never really did anything to help it. And then I got here, and they showed me some exercises, some great things to help it. That's the most aggravating thing. It was feeling so good. It felt perfect. Again, it's just one of those things that happened, and it is preventable. I've just got to keep doing the right things and probably add on top of what I've been doing. That's all part of it, just taking the time. This is what I do, so I've got to be out there. I've got to be out here, so I've got to put the time to ensure myself to be out here.

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