First cut is the deepest

Breaking down the list of 13 players released by the 49ers on Sunday, and looking at the reasons why each no longer is with the team.

QB Brandon Doman: It has been obvious from the first preseason game that Doman was fighting a losing battle with rookie Cody Pickett for the No. 3 quarterback role. He couldn't match Pickett in size and throwing ability, and further contributed to his demise by being out-performed by the rookie daily during practice situations, too.

WR/KR Arland Bruce: He started last season as the team's punt returner and spent most of 2003 on the practice squad, but he was clearly passed by other receiving and kick return prospects this summer. Hamstring injuries prevented him from playing during the preseason and getting back in that mix.

RB Jason Wright: Never made the push he needed to in training camp to challenge Jamal Robertson or hold off Maurice Hicks in the battle at backup tailback.

P Andy Groom: Was given an opening at punter by the poor preseason performance of Andy Lee, but couldn't take advantage by punting even more poorly himself.

S Calvin Carlyle: Had his moments in training camp, but couldn't make enough plays when given more opportunities during the past two exhibition games.

LB Melvin Simmons: Lost out in battle with Renauld Williams to be the undrafted rookie free-agent linebacker to make it to the final cut and get the longest look against the team's established stable of talent at its strongest position.

G Alonzo Cunningham: Has been around the team for the past two years, but it looks like this will be his final good-bye as he couldn't make progress to compete for a backup role in the trenches.

LB Greg Carothers: Had some talent, but he was simply out-classed by others at this overloaded position.

WR Kahlil Hill: Was going to really have to have a spectacular camp to stick around to the final cut, and that didn't happen.

FB Brian Johnson: Did some nice things during brief look with team, but Niners are more comfortable with Jasen Isom as their backup fullback, and Matt Stanley has much more time in their system.

T Matt Knutson: Didn't hold up very well in pass protection during the preseason, and that's what the Niners were looking for when they signed this guy.

DT Demetrious Maxie: Somewhat of a surprise he didn't make it to the final cut, but the Niners had to make some decisions here, and he simply couldn't give them the power and bulk they needed up front.

DT Dan Rumishek: Signed last week, Rumishek wasn't around long enough to make much of an impression.

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