From the locker room

A few comments from the 49ers locker room Sunday after their 30-27 loss to the Saints in New Orleans:

"We felt offensively that if we just banged away at them in the first half and kept it close, that we had a chance to win in the fourth quarter. We felt we could run the ball against them. They got tired and we were able to do that. We ran the ball really well in the second half. Having Fred (Beasley) in there makes a difference in the running game. There's no question about that. It was good to have him back." -- coach Dennis Erickson

"If we'd played in the first half like we can - like we did in the second half - it's a different ball game. Toward the end it's critical that we don't make those type of mistakes. In this league, you just can't afford to do that." -- defensive tackle Bryant Young

"We really stopped their running game. We got them in some down-and-distance situations that were really difficult for them. And we did that because we played very well on first down. We didn't give up any big plays until the end of the football game. We just had way too many penalties. That's our fault. We can't do that. We're going to lose football games if we do." -- Erickson

"I think we just wore them down. We saw that they were tired and I think that this team is young and we're in pretty good shape. I think we just wore them down at the end of the game." -- receiver Curtis Conway

"We had red-zone problems and we had to kick field goals a couple of times. We have to execute better in the red zone, there's no doubt about it. It's not what were doing, we just have to get it done." -- Erickson

"I think were moving in the right direction. I don't think it's a point of needing anything. I think we just need as much experience as we can get on game day. If you look at our offense across the board, you might have two or three guys that started that actually have played a full season in this league. So we need game experience, and we need to understand it's not just about talent, it's not just about making plays. There's a lot of little things that go into this game. And it's a four-quarter, 60-minute game, and you have to play every second off the game like you're trying to win the game. We're playing good for a young team. We're going to do nothing but get better." -- Conway

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