From the locker room

What the 49ers were saying Sunday after their humiliating 34-0 loss to the Seahawks at Qwest Field in Seattle:

"You have to hand it to the Seahawks. They really had a good game. But as far as the 49ers, we're all embarrassed about this loss. This isn't us. We can't let this continue, and we're going to go in next week and change things around. To have the first two games where we think we should have won those games, compounded with this on top of it, this hurts. But we can't let that be us. We have to turn this around right now and come in next week with a new attitude and do something. There might have been a little letdown (from last week), but we've got to go in and clean it up." --- Tight end Eric Johnson

"We just didn't execute. We have players in there that can make plays, and we just didn't make plays. When you can't run it on the road, then you've got problems. Then we ended up in long-yardage (situations) a lot, and that's really a problem. We came out and moved the ball a little bit early. And then we threw the interception and we get the ball knocked out, and now you get behind a team like that on the road, and they're an awfully good football team, and they were today. I've been in a few games like this - not very many - and I've seen it go downhill like that. We just have to battle back." --- Coach Dennis Erickson

"It was a tough day. We battled. There was a lot of guys on this team that played really, really hard. It just wasn't our day. Me being the new guy on this team, I don't know the character of this team that well, but from what I know, we'll be back. We've got a lot of young, strong, prideful guys on this team and we're not going to let this hold us down for the rest of the season." --- Defensive end Brandon Whiting

"They had some good stunts, and some good pass rush. They've got some good players. Their defense is rolling right now and they have a lot confidence. They were attacking us. We had some costly turnovers at the beginning and gave our defense a short field, which put them in a bind, and that was right from the start. That just kind of turned things from the start. A lot of it is those little things, those turnovers. We just can't have those. It just puts in a bind from the start." --- Johnson

"(Quarterback Ken Dorsey) got hit, he got hit, he got hit. He held it sometimes, it wasn't all that he wasn't protected. There were times that he didn't get rid of the football when he should have. We couldn't run the football with any effectiveness. Our defense was on the football field all the time. We made some bad plays in the secondary that gave them some big gains. We didn't play well enough to even have a chance in this game. Bottom line, we have to come back tomorrow and look at the film and then come back Wednesday and get ready to play. We've got the Rams coming in (next Sunday), we're playing at home, we just have to battle back and do what we've got to do to make corrections, and we've got to do it with a lot of pride." --- Erickson

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