From the locker room

What the 49ers and Arizona Cardinals were saying Sunday after San Francisco rallied from a 16-point deficit with less than five minutes to play to pull out a wild 31-28 overtime victory

"This one feels awesome. We came back and momentum was in our hands. It was a complete team effort and that's what we needed. Coming in 0-4, if we had lost that game, we might as well have been saying we're giving up." --- 49ers tight end Eric Johnson

"We didn't make the plays later in the fourth quarter and overtime. We could have - and should have - finished the deal. But we didn't. That's what happens when you don't make the plays when the opportunities present themselves. We knew they were going to be tough from start to finish and they were. They deserve credit for that. They never stopped fighting even when they were trailing late in the game. I've got to tip my hat to them." --- Cardinals defensive end Bertrand Berry

"What I feel physically is not comparable to what I feel about this loss. What this team is capable of doing and where we want to go, this is one of the worst losses so far. That's all I have to say. I'd rather take five turnovers and get blown out than something like we had today." --- Cardinals running back Emmitt Smith

"Things happen. It is what it is. It was something I can't prevent. If the Lord wanted me out, the Lord wanted me out. It happened for a reason, maybe so my teammates can get some more experience. That way we can come out next year as a more forceful unit. All I can do is wait for next year. I'm going to let it heal and get in even better shape so I can come back and kick some butt next year." --- 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson on his season-ending torn Achilles injury

"Obviously, JP is a stud and we love him to death and he's a great player. But even though he's hurt, I guarantee the defense will rise to the occasion." --- 49ers kicker Todd Peterson

"Guys just stepped up today. In this league, guys are going to get hurt. Brandon Moore came in this week with virtually no reps in practice. He came in and played great. We are lucky to have guys that are smart. Guys without reps knew our system and came in and played well." --- 49ers linebacker Jeff Ulbrich

"I've been in worse losses and I didn't like any of them, but that's just the way it is when you're in the National Football League. Psychologically, I think the team has to understand one thing: When you play 60-plus minutes and you play more than your opponent plays, you can beat him. If you don't, he can beat you. Those (San Francisco) guys played 60 minutes-plus, and today was a day we had to play 60 minutes-plus. They made a lot of plays in the fourth quarter. They got hot and we cooled off. When a team gets hot, you've got to pour some water on them." --- Cardinals coach Dennis Green

"We didn't play a perfect game today, but I think it shows the character of this team. We're willing to fight no matter how bad things seem. We don't give up." --- 49ers defensive tackle Bryant Young

"I've always been confident in myself. I think you always learn, regardless if we win or lose or whatever. Every game I'm going to get better." --- 49ers quarterback Tim Rattay

"My hat is off to Tim (Rattay) and their offense. They played very well. They converted some big third downs and made plays on drives to keep them going. That in itself gains you momentum. There were some good things for us and we moved the ball, but we didn't move it consistently with rhythm." --- Cardinals quarterback Josh McCown

"It was a great win. When you are 16 points down, you know you have to score twice and make both two-point conversions. That's what you have to do. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it. That's not easy. I've been in a lot of situations like that, but more on the other side than this particular side. Our defense fought like heck and kept us in the football game, and (the offense) came through at the end." --- Niners coach Dennis Erickson

"We expected them to run the ball a lot with (Kevan) Barlow. We knew Rattay was going to throw some, but it kind of surprised us that he threw as often as he did. He was pretty effective when he had to be, especially late in the game. The way things were going for us early, I wasn't expecting Rattay or anybody else to take advantage of our defense and turn the game around. But they did." --- Cardinals linebacker Ronald McKinnon

"I mean, you go back this season, we haven't won a game, the preseason we hadn't won, a couple games of last season we didn't win, so it's been a long time. It's sweet in a sense that we won, but not so sweet because obviously we lost some guys that were huge." --- Ulbrich

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