Joselio on the spot

Second-year player Joselio Hanson slides into a key role in the San Francisco secondary this week when he'll be the Niners' third cornerback for Sunday night's game against the Bears in Chicago.

Q: Are you excited about the playing time that will be coming your way Sunday as the third cornerback?

Hanson: When the opportunity comes, you have to run with it and do what you can do. I've been waiting for this all year. I was on the practice squad last year, but between last year and this year, I really haven't been getting that many reps. So I'm going to try to step out this game.

Q: Has it been difficult having to wait and wonder when and if this chance would come?

Hanson: I've just been waiting my turn. That's the way it goes. I'm an undrafted free agent. I've just been waiting my turn and being patient.

Q: Do you think your size was the main reason you weren't drafted out of Texas Tech in 2003?

Hanson: Well, I was fast and quick, and I ran real good at my pro days. I had a good vertical leap. I thought it would be good enough. I made a lot of plays at Texas Tech, broke the school record twice for (pass) breakups. I was first in the Big 12 Conference in pass breakups.

Q: There have been some quality cornerbacks who are small. Do you base your game on any of those guys, the Darrell Greens of the world?

Hanson: Not really. I just try to go out there and make plays and be myself. I definitely looked at those guys when I was younger and everything, the little corners, the guys in the league like Dre' Bly, Aaron Glenn – those guys are about my size.

Q: Have you ever gotten any smack talk on the field about your size?

Hanson: Not yet.

Q: How much do you think you've improved and developed your game in the time you've been here practicing and watching?

Hanson: I've improved a lot. I've learned new techniques, looking at the older guys like Plum (Ahmed Plummer) and (Mike) Rumph and all them. So I've been learning a lot. I've progressed a lot in one year.

Q: Word obviously has gotten back to Chicago that you'll be playing nickel back and corner situations on Sunday. Do you expect that the Bears will come after you?

Hanson: I hope they do. Because it's a league of opportunity. When you get the opportunity to play, you're going to be up for the game and all that. So I hope they do come after me, to tell you the truth. Anybody would, any corner would. You get the chance to make plays. That's what it's about.

Q: Was playing against the Bears in the preseason kind of a good primer to get ready for this game, to see what they're like?

Hanson: Yeah, they have some good receivers. I went up against some of them a little bit. It could give us a little edge. But they know how we play, too. So, it's kind of the same thing.

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