Willis of few words

Buffalo running back Willis McGahee had a lot of concise answers this week to questions about the Bills and 49ers.

Q: How is the right knee doing?

McGahee: Good.

Q: You're listed as questionable on the injury report. What are your chances of playing on Sunday?

McGahee: Yeah, I'm pretty sure (I'll be able to go).

Q: Do you need to play to keep team on roll?

McGahee: I just know that I got to contribute.

Q: What was going through your mind when you hyper-extended the knee? Were you freaked out?

McGahee: Yeah, I was.

Q: Did it feel similar to past injury?

McGahee: Nope.

Q: What has it been like playing in Bills offense?

McGahee: It's been very exciting. We're just having fun and doing what we love to do. We've just been together as a team right now.

Q: Did you think it would be this effective this quickly?

McGahee: I don't know when it was going to come. It's just the process of waiting for it and just start pushing.

Q: How do you think offense suits you?

McGahee: It suits me pretty good. My goal is to want to have fun and make something happen.

Q: What were your first impressions of Mike Mularkey?

McGahee: My first impression? He's a good coach. He knows a lot about football. He knows we can be a dominant run team and pass team. Nothing has changed in our situation.

Q: Were you disappointed at start of year when you weren't named starter?

McGahee: No, not at all.

Q: Why?

McGahee: Because I knew my time would come.

Q: Did coach Mularkey encourage you that it would be your time eventually?

McGahee: I didn't really need any encouragement. I just knew it wasn't going to come right off the bat. So, when I did get my chance, I took advantage of it.

Q: Did you think Ken Dorsey would be drafted before seventh round?

McGahee: Yeah, most definitely.

Q: Why did you think that?

McGahee: Just the way his leadership ability is. How he is going to lead the team. Plus, his record in college. I think he lost one game in college. That speaks a lot playing at the University of Miami.

Q: What did Dorsey do that inspired leadership?

McGahee: He took charge when we were down in certain games. He took charge of what we should do. He was the starting quarterback.

Q: What was Dorsey like in the huddle?

McGahee: He was a very calm guy. He kept his composure. He didn't let too many things bother him.

Q: How much responsibility do you and running backs have in giving Bledsoe time in pocket?

McGahee: There is a lot because he's a great quarterback. He just needs time to get the ball out to the receivers. Us and the O-line play a big part in that. We try to give him that time.

Q: Has it been a big learning experience picking up blitzes?

McGahee: Oh yeah, most definitely.

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