Scouts rate studs to duds

NFL Scouts rate the top offensive players at the quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end positions. We also break down the positional rookies of the year, busts of the season and sleepers. The 49ers' Kevan Barlow won't like where he ranks on the list.

MVP - Peyton Manning 4,557 PASS 49/10 TD/INT
This was the greatest single-season performance of all-time. Period. And, enough said.

ROY - Ben Roethlisberger 2,621 PASS 17/11 TD/INT
The early-season injury to Tommy Maddox turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the Steelers.

SLEEPER - Drew Brees 3,159 PASS 27/7 TD/INT
Under everyone's radar as the season began - and apparently on the outs in San Diego - no one could have ever imagined Brees to flourish the way he did coming off a 4-12 season.

BUST - Joey Harrington 3,047 PASS 19/12 TD/INT
Had the best supporting cast of his career, but failed to capitalize in his third season as the Lions' starting quarterback.

MVP - LaDainian Tomlinson 1,335 RUSH 441 REC 18 TD
Once again, he proved to be one of the most consistent and durable backs in the league.

ROY - Julius Jones 819 RUSH 109 REC 7 TD
Came back strong from a mid-season injury and went on to post some huge numbers to hush some of his critics.

SLEEPER - Willis McGahee 1,128 RUSH 169 REC 13 TD
When the season started it was hard to determine how McGahee would perform coming off major knee surgeries. He proved to be a workhorse and is one of the league's top backs heading into next season.

BUST - Kevan Barlow 822 RUSH 212 REC 7 TD
This was the year that he was supposed to take on the responsibility of carrying the 49ers' offensive load. Instead, he battled to fight off undrafted free agent Maurice Hicks for his job.

MVP - Terrell Owens 1,405 REC 14 TD
Owens gets the nod despite missing the final few games of the season. When the former 49ers star was in the lineup, the Eagles had the game-breaking complement they needed to QB Donovan McNabb and were very tough to beat.

ROY - Lee Evans 843 REC 9 TD
His late-season emergence made the Buffalo offense click as he became the Bills' big playmaker down the stretch.

SLEEPER - Mushin Muhammad 1,405 REC 16 TD
When Steve Smith went down to injury, we knew Muhammad was good, but who would've thought that he'd become one of the most productive receivers in the league?

BUST - Santana Moss 838 REC 5 TD
After last year's breakout season, Moss disappointed with his production this season. His inability to find the end zone belied his top-shelf talent.

MVP - Antonio Gates 964 REC 13 TD
Set a single-season record for most touchdowns for a tight end. Not bad for someone who didn't play football in college.

ROY - Chris Cooley 314 REC 6 TD
The Redskins' youngster proved to have a set of dependable hands and established himself as one of the up-and-coming tight ends in a league that currently has a plethora of good ones.

SLEEPER - Daniel Graham 364 REC 7 TD
He got off to a superb start that helped establish him as one of the top all-around players at the position in the game.

BUST - Boo Williams 362 REC 2 TD
In what was supposed to be a big season for Williams, he saw a decrease all the way across the board in receptions, yards and touchdowns.

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