Update: Nolan moving fast with coaching staff

Mike Nolan met with the incumbent staff of 49ers assistants Friday, said "the majority of them will not" be retained, then talked about some of the candidates that are being considered as he moves forward quickly to assemble his coaching staff.

Nolan would not comment on what holdovers would be retained from Dennis Erickson's staff, but said, "I would rather not disclose who they are at this time because they do need to go home and see their families and do all that. I've been in that environment a couple of times in the past and it's best that I wait on that."

Nolan, however, did comment on some of the other names that are swirling around out there that might join his staff.

On who else he currently is interviewing for his staff: "Again, it's not fair to disclose names. As soon as they come, I will bring them to you right away. There are some people in town today that we'll talk to, there will be people in next week. Most of the guys, I would hope by the end of the week, or maybe the following Monday that the staff is all in place in its totality."

On Jerry Sullivan: "We're talking to Jerry, yes. He will be here, hopefully. I'm trying to get Jerry to come here as a receivers coach. Jerry is an excellent coach, he was a (offensive) coordinator. I think to most people in the NFL that he is clearly the best wide receivers coach in the league."

On Leslie Frazier: "I've been talking with Leslie. We have not set up any time to come in yet, but we have had several conversations. He and Mike (Singletary) are extremely close. They played together at the Bears. There is a chance of Leslie coming here with us. Leslie is a very good coach being pursued by some other people as well and we'll see how that pans out."

On whether Frazier would only come as a coordinator: "Leslie is open to both. He left it open as far as that goes. Coming from the situation he just came from, that usually happens to a guy."

On Tom Rathman: "I have talked with Tom, but Tom has got a contract and I don't think anything will be further on that horizon. They won't release (him), I don't think so. I don't know that first-hand."

On Mike McCarthy: "I have not talked to Mike yet. He's on the list, let's say that. Mike has got a contract where he's at. I can get in trouble because you can't do that until you call and get permission."

On his new offensive coordinator being the key to putting together the whole staff: "It will be key, yes. And that's why it may be, I don't want to say the last, but it might be the third or fourth part that we put together because I want to make sure that guy that comes in and interviews knows that he has a great surrounding cast. If Jerry Sullivan comes here, and there are a couple other coaches I'm talking to as far as a line coach and this and that, it may look very good to that guy. He might say, ‘Boy, this looks like a good situation,' as opposed to him coming in and saying, ‘Who are you going to surround me with?'"

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