Nolan's philosophies

Some of Mike Nolan's takes on issues he'll be facing with the 49ers:

On his coaching philosophy: "The characteristics of Mike Nolan and the coaches I will hire will have a lot of energy. If you want a team to look like something on the field, you have to coach it like that Monday through Saturday. If you don't, it is difficult to get that on the field. I've been described as an energetic person and I believe I am, but it is all with purpose."

On his vision for the San Francisco offense: "We will play a West Coast - or a derivative of - the West Coast offense. The thing that is really valuable to know about the West Coast offense in its purest form when Bill Walsh put it together was it's a very cap-friendly type of offense. It is always players first, because that is the show on the field. But you don't need to have five different personnel groupings to run that offense. It's also a language-friendly offensive structure, which is also is very important."

On whether he's planning to make the 49ers a dominant defensive team like they were a dominant offensive team back in the day: "No, I do not. A team needs to not only have its own identity, but the identity of the city and the fans. I've always believed that. I believe the winning tradition will carry on here. I know all three phases of our football team will need to be at their very best. When one does maybe slip, the other ones will need to pick it up. But we'll put emphasis on all three areas. It won't be my objective to put a defensive priority on the football team because I don't believe that is how you win. I'm all for defense and I've been on defense most of the time. But we'll be a three-phase football team and we'll try to be No. 1 in all three phases."

On how much input he'll have in personnel: "I will have a very large input on that, whether it's drafting players or whether it be the players that are already here. But I will say this - it's important that we always utilize our talent. I don't think you can find yourself a better coach, but I always like to surround my people with people that are better than me in that (personnel) field, if that be the case."

On how long he thinks it will take the 49ers to get back to winning: "It's been proven time and again in the league that you can turn programs around very fast. I think it is reasonable to think that you can turn things around very quickly. I feel very confident in that. I think (in) doing the three essentials I will always speak about, if you hit the mark and hit the target on those people and identify the right people that you want and attract them, you'll get there quicker than most people think."

On fixing the tarnished relationship between the 49ers and their fans: "Whether we are coming off a 2-14 (season) or a 14-2, that will be my job, to go out and I will be a part of the community. But fans are critical to the success we have. Being out in the community and associating with those people and seeing them and letting them see you. Same thing with our players, that is equally as important (and) will be instrumental to our success. Whether it's damage control or whether it is trying to fix something from before is a little bit irrelevant to me from the standpoint that I'm going to do it anyway, but I do realize there is something there that needs to be to some degree fixed. But, I think staying on the course of what we need to do as an organization - as I'm confident that we are on course - I think we'll get there and do exactly (that)."

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