Nonstop Nolan

These are the dog days for Mike Nolan. As he closes in on the two-week anniversary of his introduction as 49ers coach, the 45-year-old dynamo has to slow down for a moment just to catch up with everything going on around him.

"It's been very busy," Nolan said Tuesday morning when he took a few minutes to do just that. "But it's been a good busy."

That's what happens when you're trying to put back together an organization in shambles. Nolan has willingly taken this duty upon himself, diving headfirst into the task after assuming command as the new voice of the franchise on Jan. 19.

There has been a million things to do, a countless number of places to go, people to see, things to learn and – perhaps most importantly – decisions to make.

"Long days," Nolan replied when SFI asked how whirlwind the first two weeks on the job have been for him. "My voice doesn't usually sound like this. We have lots of targets to hit every day. A lot of time, guys walk into (this kind of situation) and the structure already is in place. But the structure is not in place here."

That's for sure.

The 49ers are going through a virtual organizational metamorphosis at this very moment, with Nolan as the undisputed point man for the transformation.

As he looks for the right coaches to complete his staff of assistants – a process Nolan is not taking lightly by any means – Nolan also is responsible for sending people away as the franchise reinvents itself. Nolan fired 11 assistants from former coach Dennis Erickson's staff a few days after he became coach, another was fired a few days ago, and yet another has announced he will retire. On Monday, six front-office types were told they'd be leaving, including salary cap coordinator Dominic Corsell, the team's chief capologist through the 1990s and into the 21st century.

But change can be a good thing for a team that went 2-14 last year.

Nolan, however, is working diligently to get structure in place amid the change. He has popped into interviews every now and then with the men the 49ers are interviewing to replace deposed general manager Terry Donahue in the organization, but owner John York and his interview team have handled most of those duties.

Nolan will get more involved in that process as it reaches its culmination this week, with the Niners hoping to have somebody in place as a personnel director by early next week.

As if Nolan doesn't have enough to do already.

Since taking the job, he has been interviewing candidates for his staff virtually nonstop, including a trip to Senior Bowl practices in Alabama last week where Nolan found his offensive coordinator, Mike McCarthy.

Nolan indicated several times that acquiring the right men for his coaching staff is his first priority. He has 10 already in place and plans to hire seven more – some of whom may still be coaching at the moment for teams who will play Sunday in the Super Bowl.

"We're aggressively pursuing several assistant coaches," Nolan said. "The thing that is important to me now is getting the right people. I'm very confident with the people I've already (hired). We have to make sure now that these complementary (coaches), as I will call them, are the right people for us."

Nolan plans to have his staff completed within the next two weeks, and definitely by the time the NFL Combine begins Feb. 23.

"I will take that amount of time to make sure we get the right people," Nolan said. "I'm not sure I've even talked yet with the exact seven (assistants) that I will hire. But I'm very confident we're on the right track with these guys. I know that the guys we have are excellent and I want to make sure we continue right on track on that. I want guys who are not only good coaches, but also teachers. I want to make sure that marriage between player and coach is exactly what we need.

"I might not know (particular coaches) yet. But I know what he looks like."

Right now, Nolan's looking like a guy who's a little overworked. That grind won't let up any time soon. Not while there's a proud 49ers organization to rebuild virtually from the ground up.

Nolan plans to squeeze in a trip to the Super Bowl with York later this week, but his hectic pace of identifying and hiring coaches, meeting with players, evaluating team personnel, taking part in the search for a personnel chief - along with the multitude of other obligations and responsibilities that go along with being the Man in Charge – will continue unabated the rest of this month.

For those keeping track, the month just started today.

Nolan, of course, doesn't have time to keep track.

"I've had to wear a lot of hats," he said. "But it's all good. It's what has to be done to get us where we want to be."

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