Rolle a top-choice corner?

"Of course I feel I am worthy (of the No. 1 overall selection) ... (I bring) leadership skills, that is a strong quality that I have, and I am a team player. And just the overall knowledge of the game, I think that I bring the complete package to any organization." -- Antrel Rolle

Q: Are you worthy of the No. 1 overall pick in the draft?

Rolle: Are you asking me if I am worthy?

Q: Yeah.

Rolle: Of course I feel that I am worthy, but it is not up to me to decide if I am worthy. It is up to this organization. But do I think that I am worthy? Definitely.

Q: What other teams have you visited with?

Rolle: I had a local workout with the Dolphins, and then I had lunch with the Dolphins the day after that and I just recently came back from Carolina.

Q: What did they have you do there?

Rolle: Just meet with the coaches, the general manager the head coach meet with the team doctor also.

Q: It seems that your draft stock has really gone up since the end of the year. What do you attribute that to?

Rolle: To be honest with you I do not know, I don't think that I have done anything different at the end of the year than I have done in the past three or four years. I guess that is just the way that the system works. I don't know how they do the ratings; I really don't pay attention to the media or the internet or all those rankings and everything. I am just waiting for April 23rd I let that take its place.

Q: Do you research the teams that you are going to visit before you go to visit them so you go in with some knowledge of what the teams needs are?

Rolle: I know that if they are interviewing me, obviously, I think that they are going to need a cornerback or it's a possibility that's in their mind. I just go into the interview being myself, knowing my knowledge of the game, I think that is a plus on my game and being the player that I am, and the type of character that I show I go in with no worries at all.

Q: With so much talk here about the quarterbacks do you feel that you need to sell yourself to (the 49ers) a little bit harder?

Rolle: No I don't feel like I have to do that at all. If a team wants me they are going to want me, they have four years of film, they have met with me before at the combine and they have seen me at my pro day. They are going to take who they want to take regardless. I am not going to step outside of myself, I am going to be myself throughout the whole process.

Q: Your process will be just like everyone else?

Rolle: Yeah, just a normal conversation.

Q: What do you think you bring a team besides your ability as a football player and your ability as a cornerback?

Rolle: Definitely leadership skills, that is a strong quality that I have, and I am a team player. And just the overall knowledge of the game, I think that I bring the complete package to any organization.

Q: What other teams will you visit? Have you scheduled visits for other teams?

Rolle: I have visited with Miami, Carolina. I was supposed to have a visit with Houston but something went wrong with that so they are going to come down and visit with me. San Francisco, Detroit and Washington.

Q: You turned down the Jets?

Rolle: Yes, I turned down the Jets.

Q: Is that because they draft later in the first round?

Rolle: Yeah, pretty much they draft like 26th and I really wanted to take that trip but I just wanted to keep my schedule open just in case if trips like San Fran came up which came up pretty late and some others like Washington came up pretty late so my schedule is pretty much full.

Q: Would being the first overall pick have any special meaning to you?

Rolle: It would, but then again it wouldn't. I feel that there are a handful of people that could be the first pick of the draft so... But it would be a great accomplishment, it would be a great honor and I would really enjoy that moment but it is just another slot to me. I just want to play that is about it.

Q: At Miami did you play a lot of press coverage or did you play off the receivers?

Rolle: We played mostly press but there were times that we got into our zone our 3 zone and 5 zone defense.

Q: How much overlap did you have with (current 49ers cornerback) Mike Rumph?

Rolle: I played with Mike for one year, I was a freshman when they were seniors. Mike and I have a great relationship, he has shown me a lot of things a lot of ins and outs of the game ways to get an advantage over a receiver. I still speak to Mike when ever I see him.

Q: How has your ability to anticipate quarterback reads developed over the years? Is that from studying or from just on field practice?

Rolle: Just pretty much studying and, like you said, on field practice. It is something that you have to feel comfortable with and knowing the receiver you have to study the receiver. If I am in man I studied the receiver more than I studied the quarterback. If I am in zone coverage I watch the quarterback to see if he is reading my blitzes or anything like that.

Q: Would this include film work?

Rolle: Film work, a lot of film work.

Q: Is it flattering to be considered one of the top four guys for the No. 1 pick, is it a big deal to you?

Rolle: It is a blessing, not everyone can be in this situation, I think that it is just a true blessing from God that I am in this situation, and I never take anything for granted and I am going to live every day like it is my last and give an all-out effort each and every day.

Q: What is it about the University of Miami that procedures such great players?

Rolle: I think that it just has a lot to do with the attitude. I am pretty sure that it is the same way everywhere else but being at Miami and being locally from Miami I just understand the attitude and pretty much the confidence that the University of Miami players carry. Just the competition - we compete on each and every level; whether it is to see who can go to the grocery store the fastest or let's see who can do this or who can finish a test the fastest we are always competing at each and every level. So I just think that it is the competition.

Q: Is there someone in the NFL right now that you would compare yourself to?

Rolle: I just try to have my own game, I don't try to mock anyone else's game. I just play from instincts and overall athletic ability and just watching film and film study.

Q: How far are you from getting your degree?

Rolle: I am taking my final class right now. I am taking an accounting course and I will be done.

Q: Have you had any contact with Braylon Edwards?

Rolle: Yeah, I was with Braylon last night, and I met a little bit with him this morning. So I have had contact with Braylon. I was also with him at the Playboy All American and also at the ESPN awards up in Orlando.

Q: So what do you think of him did you watch him much?

Rolle: Yeah, Braylon has had a terrific year in my eyes, he has definitely improved his game and he is an outstanding player and definitely a standout player. I also feel that he could be worthy of this first pick, like I said there are a handful of guys worthy of this first pick.

Q: What would you say were some of your highlights in college?

Rolle: To be honest I don't know, I have had some really good games, really good performances shutting down receivers as far as blitzing or on special teams or as far as interceptions so I have found a way to make an impact on each and every level that I have played on.

Q: No, I play all over. I play nickel package, dime package, I play both corners. I have played linebacker I have played just about everywhere in the secondary.

Q: Were your 4 1/2 sacks last season from corner blitzes or when you played linebacker?

Rolle: They were pretty much from when I was in the nickel position. The nickel and dime position.

Q: The slot guy?

Rolle: Yeah, the slot.

Q: What did you do on special teams?

Rolle: I play gunner, punt returns. I didn't do any punt returns this year. I did it last year. Really anywhere, it doesn't matter, but pretty much on punt team and punt coverage team.

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